January 14 Pearl

January 14

Today was a sad day as mom and dad had to lay Bentley, their beloved dog to rest. As sad as it is to lay your pet to rest I can see many pearls.

First mom and dad got to spend almost 12 wonderful years with Bentley. They found out he had bladder cancer 10 months ago. They were able to start him on a med that would keep the tumor from growing. Other dogs who had the same condition and took the med were able to extend their lives anywhere from 6 months to a year. We didn’t know how many days we would get with Bentley and I think we were all very happy to get 10 more months with him.

It’s amazing the love we share with our pets. I think it’s unique in the sense that we trust our pets with our hearts. We don’t guard our hearts in anyway because we don’t expect our pets to hurt us so we love with no walls. As a result, when they die we feel as if part of our very soul dies.

Another Pearl today was that we were able to be with mom and dad as they went to put Bentley to sleep. Relationships are the most valuable thing we have on earth. None of us won the 1 billion dollar lottery yesterday, but we are rich today because we have loved ones we get to share their heartaches and they can share ours. This is the true rich life.


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