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November 29 Pearl

November 29

God desires to make streams in our deserts and pave a way in our wastelands (Isa. 43:18-19. Today was our 8th year wedding anniversary. Last year we weren’t sure if we’d get to be together this year.

We renewed our vows last year and prayed for the Lord’s hand of healing. We have come a long way baby.

The Lord has made streams in our deserts and paved a way in our wastelands. There is always more work to do, but we are well on our way. I am grateful that my husband has decided he wants to live a different lifestyle.

He is no longer addicted to chemicals and has dropped 70 pounds. He his also getting these big muscles that pop out, they are pretty sexy, I must say!

I asked him to use his big muscles to rub my feet tonight. Hah, I know how to work it for my good. Always.

To celebrate our anniversary we went to a steak house, where I had fish, because I don’t like steak. Their food was amazing and expensive. Thank goodness we had a $100 gift card which covered a lot of the meal. I don’t like to spend this much money on eating out. But it was exquisite.

My Pearl today is our 8 Years of marriage. Thank you Jesus for saving us!


November 28 Pearl

November 28

Today I have a lot of pain. Not sure why more today? I took some computer training for work today and kept my arm in the sling. However, I think getting up early and being a little tense while driving and being tensed up in general may have been a contributing factor.

There is a big difference between relaxing and resting without an agenda or sitting in class and thinking. I don’t realize that I’m tense until I take a deep breath and try to relax my shoulder. Only then do I realize I was tense. I think this may be the reason for my pain?

Sadly I heard about another attack on a college campus today. Its so sad to see innocent campus students being attacked. I’m sadder that its not surprising to me. We have become desensitized to what is happening around us. I guess its the only way to cope with it.

This is the second time I’ve starting reading a book called Humility, by CJ Mahaney. I wonder if my inability to get through the book says something about my lack of humility?!

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6 It would appear that the Lord is attracted to humility. He notices humility.

According to Mahaney, the definition of humility: is to honestly assess ourselves in light of God’s holiness and our own sinfulness.

Most of the time we compare ourselves to those around us. This results in thinking we aren’t quite as bad as others, or it makes us feel inferior, if we don’t measure up. Either way the only person we can accurately compare our lives to, is Jesus.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t measure up when it comes to Jesus’ life. I get a false sense of being ok when I compare myself to, say the campus attacker today. Of course I better measure up to someone who is purposefully taking lives.

My Pearl today is the strength to get through the day with my computer training class and the prayer I will make it through tomorrow.

November 27 Pearl

November 27

We flew home to 35 degree weather, from 80 degree weather. The pilot announced that we were descending into Indianapolis where the temperature is a sizzling 35 degrees. Southwest employees are most generally funny and kind.

After the airline stewardess went over all the usual boring instructions for flying, she said thank you for listening and if you didn’t sorry about your luck.

On the way to Florida the stewardess announced there was a black wallet missing..she paused and said now that I have your attention…let me tell you about our flight instructions.

Its no secret that when you fly all the time, most of us tune out the flight instructions.

One thing that always strikes me is how they say, if you have a small child with you please secure your own oxygen mask before securing your child’s.

My gut feeling every time is no! I want to take care of my child first! However, I know the reasons for this, if I’m not breathing, I can’t help my child.

This is a great lesson for life! We must take care of ourselves first if we want to have anything to offer others. Boundaries are necessary so we can provide for ourselves first and then have something to offer others.

Sometimes the boundary line is hazy between selfishness and caring for oneself so that you can give selflessly.

Different seasons of life change this boundary line. Right now I’m recovering from surgery. I must take care of myself in order to be able to fully recover. This is hard for me. I am learning. Each season is a growing experience.

My Pearl today is the heart warming love of family in spite of the cold weather outside. I do love the fireplace and would miss it, in Florida. I will enjoy the crisp cold weather and fireplaces while I can. I think it was Paul who wrote..I have learned how to be content in whatever situation I find myself….Lord you can help me find peace no matter if I’m working or not or cold or hot..the list goes on…

November 26 Pearl

November 26

Today was a relaxing day, sleeping in, playing games and relaxing at the pool. We drove around looking for where we may want to live if we moved to Florida.

We found an area called Lakewood Ranch that seemed like a place where we could live. One thing I do not want to live in an area where everything is cookie cutter. I need a home with a little bit of personality when I call a place my own home.

I like palm trees, but I also like other trees. Palm trees alone seem to sparse. I think the trees I really like are called Everglade trees? Not sure?

Either way, its hard to describe what I like and don’t like, but when I see what I like I can spot it right away. When I see what I don’t like, I can also spot it right away.

We walked through a couple of model homes and the one we liked was a little bit out of our price range. Funny how that works?

One thing I do know is that the Lord has always shown me where to live. I’ve bought three houses and each one I have a story of how the Lord led me. So I know that if the Lord wants us in Florida, it will happen in his timing.

Right now we are happy where we are and will bloom where we are planted. My son is at a local college right now, so we want to stick around for a couple more years.

It was great to spend Thanksgiving with mom and dad and the rest of the family. Tonight we fly back to the cold weather.

My Pearl today is the peace of knowing that the Lord will guide us on where to live in the future. Thank you Jesus.

November 25 Pearl

November 25

Today I followed my heart and saw the Lord’s hand in a divine appointment. I believe with all my heart that if we listen to the Holy Spirit he leads us to divine appointments.

The Lord can do more through a surrendered person in six months then he can through someone who is in control of their own lives over their entire lifetime.

I had heard about a young woman who had gone in for a simple hernia operation and came out unable to walk. Her legs and arms were weak and numb and she had to relearn to walk.

I’ve been following this young couple as they struggle through the questions of her illness. My heart has been burdened for them.

It just happened they live about 40 minutes from my in laws whom I came to visit in Florida. I felt a strong urge to visit them while I was here. I followed my gut and went to visit them today.

I felt the Holy Spirit really wants to use them and their struggle to bring glory to Him. I was able to encourage them, sharing my own struggles I’ve had and how I believe the Lord is more interested in changing our hearts then he is in desiring to heal us.

We all want healing and we can all handle healing without a struggle. However, it takes the supernatural to handle daily, constant pain and wondering what is going on with your body. Especially such a young girl of 24 years old.

Right now she does not have enough energy to work. I know I struggled with that last year when I was unable to work and I’m 42, so I can’t even begin to imagine how this young married woman feels.

My Pearl today is the joy and peace that comes from listening and following the Holy Spirit’s leading. I love to see where the Lord is working and hopefully join Him. Thank you Lord that you can use my pain to help others.

November 24 Pearl

November 24

Today we flew into Tampa, Florida, to spend Thanksgiving with family. It was 45 degrees when we left home and when we arrived in Florida it was 75 degrees. What a change.

It was great to get together with family and play games and of course eat to much.
My favorite dish we have for Thanksgiving is mom’s stuffing.

Our favorite game is Balderdash. Its a bluffing game, you have to have a good poker face to play the game. Our family has gotten better and better at creating made up definitions that sound convincing.

The topic came up on who likes to load or unload the dishwasher. We discovered that all the outlaws like to unload and all the Linhart’s like to load. So we decided our one cousin who hasn’t found his partner yet needed to search for a woman who likes to unload the dishwasher.

We imagined what his eharmony ad would look like..wanted a woman who likes to unload the dishwasher..We had a great laugh.

Every year as we get together with family, I’m reminded of how short our time is here. Especially this year as I’ve been working with hospice. Every day I’m reminded of how we want to value every minute of every day.

My Pearl today is the joy of sharing love and making memories with family. I also enjoyed seeing everyone’s pictures on Facebook. I know lately there has been a lot of negative feed on Facebook. However, holidays are a great time to enjoy family pictures.

November 23 Pearl

November 23

Thanksgiving is in the air. We didn’t drive much today but I could feel the rush of everyone. There is always this spirit of excitement in the air right before a holiday.

We will be flying to Florida tomorrow and so today was full of making preparation for leaving. We dished up enough bowls of dog food for three days and made sure the house was clean.

Packing and preparing is a chore. We leave early in the morning before sunrise so we need to be completely prepared tonight.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone for Thanksgiving in Florida this year. We are packing our balderdash game, which is a thanksgiving tradition.

I understand its 80 degrees in Florida, while its about 40 here. That may be a bit of an adjustment within a couple of hours.

I had another physical therapy appointment today and discovered it was hard to let the therapist move my arm and not help him. Passive range of motion means allowing another person to move your arm in different ways without the patient resisting.

This is going to take some mind power to willing try to relax my shoulder and arm to allow the therapist to move it, without my resistance.

I look forward to growing through this process. I would imagine its a lesson in letting go and giving up control. Which is not easy for me.

My Pearl today is the joy of growth through he physical therapy process. Learning to let go is a hard but necessary process.