February 24 Pearl

February 24

I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels-a plentiful harvest of new lives. John 12:24

I can’t say I jump for joy when I think of dying to live. I want to produce a harvest and spread the seeds of truth to others allowing for hope and grace to be sown along the way.

This verse however lets me know that in order to do what I want, to be fruitful and multiply I need to die. That sounds less than enduring.

I was reminded today as I listened to an old gospel group singing in the park. How this same ministry is the one the Lord used 20 years ago to reach me and break down my outer shell.

My sister shared with them that they had touched her as well. I think the time she was touched was about four years ago. Either way they have been used by God to feed his sheep and to let the gospel be known.

I was able to spend some time with my in-laws today and my sister with some of her friends and see the gospel group in the park. It was a fun filled day. I’m a little tired, but that is ok.

My Pearl today is the ability to get up and walk and move in order to enjoy God’s creation.

February 23 Pearl

February 23

Today was a sunny day by the pool. My pain is a little bit out of control because I walked around a lot today without my sling on. I’m relaxing now trying to get it back under control.

I was listening to the old song ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus and wondered about the story behind it. So I looked it up and its about a mom and dad and child who went do to the river for a picnic.

The child was about 8, maybe? The couple was young. As they were sitting eating their picnic, they heard a little boy shout from the river, help!

The dad, ran out to save the little boy and both of them drowned that day as mom and daughter watched from the shore.

The mom and daughter were left with no way to provide for themselves and, yet the Lord somehow provided food for them every day.

One day the wife sat down and wrote the words to this old song, ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take him at his Word, just to rest upon His promise, just to say thus sayeth the Lord.

Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, how I’ve proved him over and over, Jesus Jesus precious Jesus oh for grace to trust him more.

My Pearl today is the joy of trusting Jesus.

February 22 Pearl

February 22

Pilate said, ” So you are a king?” Jesus responded, “You say I am a king. Actually, I was born and came into the world to testify to the truth. All who love the truth recognize that what I say is true.”

This is interesting statement made my Jesus. If I love truth I will recognize when the Lord speaks the truth or others speak truth.

I would imagine the same is true for lies. If I love truth then I would notice lies, as well.

Today we got up before the chickens were up and caught a plane to Orlando, Florida. One of my bags, looked suspicious, not sure why? So TSA was opening it up and taking their magnetic scanner through my bag.

I have to say I felt rather exposed as the man was looking through my clothes. I had a bra right on top. Geez, nothing like exposing my bra’s to everyone standing by.

I felt my privacy was violated. They didn’t find anything of course and let me go on with my bag, but it was just a strange feeling to watch authority, in my eyes, violating my privacy.

I understand it is their right and they have the authority to search anything in our bags. I hadn’t experienced this before.

We had a great flight and arrived at our condo in Orlando with plenty of time to spare. My sister had packed frozen chicken and sweet potatoes from her garden, in a bag she checked. It was still frozen when we arrived at the condo.

We had a great home cooked meal and enjoyed the rain from our balcony.

My Pearl is that the Lord gives us a love for truth and we get to live in it every day.

February 21 Pearl

February 21

Nothing like good old hymns to quench your thirsty soul. I’ve been listening to a lot of old hymns on you tube. Today I came across stories behind these hymns.

What a Friend we have in Jesus was written by a gentlemen who was riding his horse to meet his fiancé, the night before their wedding. His beloved fiancé fell from her horse and hit her head on a rock and drowned, right before he got there.

This gentleman was from Ireland and every time he looked around he thought of her and how he never got to be married. The bottom fell out of his life. He had reached a point where he had graduated from college and thought he was going to start the perfect life, yet it ended tragically.

He moved to Canada where he became a selfish Good Samaritan towards others. He would not take payment for helping others. His only goal was to show God’s love and grace.

Later he was to be married to another woman and a couple of weeks before their wedding day, she to, died. She came down with pneumonia that took her life.

After this he wrote this song as a poem to his mother. What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear, what a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer.

Oh what peace we often forfeit oh what needless pain we bare, all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.

If anyone knew pain it was this man. Yet, he could write how the Lord was his friend and helped him carry his grief. This gives the song more meaning as you picture this heart broken man writing the words to this hymn.

My Pearl today is that sometimes we need to look beyond the surface to see deeper meaning. Its there waiting for us, we just need to take the time to dig.

February 20 Pearl

February 20

I will bless those who have humble and contrite hearts, who tremble at my word. Is. 66:2. The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God. Ps. 51:17

I was listening to a video today about brokenness. It gave me a lot of food for thought. Just because I’m hurt and am crying it does not mean I have to be broken.

Just because I’m sad and beaten down doesn’t really mean I’m broken.

Brokenness is when we have truly surrendered our will and our lives over to The Lord. The picture is that of a wild horse that has been broken. The horse now obeys his rider. At first the horse needs a sharp bit in its mouth in order to be controlled by the rider.

After the horse is broken he/she no longer needs a sharp bit in his mouth. All the horse needs is to hear his owner shout the orders. The broken horse obeys his master without hesitation.

We are the horse and the Lord is our rider/owner. I want to obey his words willfully. The opposite of brokenness is pride. A proud person compares themselves to others. Oh boy, I’m guilty. Last night I was comparing myself to Celine Dion and was falling awfully short.

A broken person has nothing to lose except the sweet relationship with their master. The master breaks the bread in his hands and then uses the bread to feed thousands of people.

This is the benefit of being broken. We can be used by the Lord to feed others. Broken in the hand of the master, that sounds like it could be a book or sermon or movie…

My Pearl today is that I’ve got a lot of learning to do, but God is not finished with me yet.

February 19 Pearl

February 19

If you start on the equator and you travel from East to West, you never change directions unless you turn around. However, if you are traveling north, eventually if you go far enough, you start to go south.

I heard this illustration in a sermon, of how the Lord removes our sin as far as the East is from the West. He doesn’t use as far as the north is for the south because it ends.

East to west goes on forever, UNLESS, we turn around. Ah, now that is the key. How many times do we ask for forgiveness and accept the gift from the Lord and then someone reminds us of our sin and WE turn back to our shame.

We are blessed to be forgiven for our sins and are allowed to enter into the Lord’s presence because of his payment for our sins. He suffered for us so we could go free and have peace.

We all want to be forgiven, but is it hard to grant forgiveness to others the same way the Lord grants us forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a choice. Its another way of saying I’m going to pay the price for what you did to me.

Obviously some things are easier to forgive than others. For me if you hurt my child, you hurt me. I’d rather be the one to get hurt. I can forgive others when they hurt me, but when you hurt my son, well that is very hard for me!

Either way I want the Lord to forgive me so I need to choose to grant the same forgiveness to others. However, we don’t have to be stupid and trust people again if they have proven they are not safe for our hearts.

Some people will never be trustworthy and don’t want the best for us. These people need to be forgiven and then not invited back into our lives. Some get confused between forgiveness and trusting someone.

The Lord was clear that he knows what man is made of and most of the time we are not trustworthy, unless we have surrendered our lives to the Lord. Even then we will still hurt people.

My Pearl today is that the Lord removes our sin as far as the East is from the West, which never ends if you don’t turn around.

February 18 Pearl

February 18

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you all whose thoughts are fixed on you. Isaiah 26:3

I believe with all my heart that if I stay in tuned with the Lord as I walk through this life, that I will experience peace that is unusual for the current circumstances.

Perfect peace is not based on if my circumstances are good or bad. Its based on the fact that I know who holds the future and where I’m going.

Its based on the fact that I know the reason I’m alive. I was made to worship him and give him glory in whatever way I can, in spite of being a broken sinful human being.

He knows I’m weak and he will give me the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I may not get it right every day, but even in my mistakes I believe he will turn them into building blocks if I learn something from them.

As I look back over my life I think well I wish hadn’t done x, y, and z. However, they are all a part of what makes me who I am today. So, would I want to be more arrogant and less compassionate?

I think back to 2003, when I was divorced from my first husband. I was so broken that it could happen to me. I thought it would never happen to ME. I was very wrong!

If I had been able to work things out, I’d probably look down my nose at anyone else who is divorced. I would have no compassion and I’d be self righteous.

I guess sometimes the pain turns into beauty that could never have been reached any other way.

There is nothing like a good dose of humility, caused by, not being able to control your current circumstances. It breaks you in half, especially when your a control freak and a people pleaser and have a serious fear of rejection. All of that turns into a beautiful Pearl, after broken.

My Pearl today is the perfect peace that comes from surrendering All circumstances in its entirety to the Lord. The Lord can use a fully surrendered person more in six months than a self righteous prig for 80 years.