November 20 Pearl

November 20

Did you know that men have a nothing box! When you ask them hey what are you thinking and they say nothing, its because they are truly thinking about nothing!

Women’s brains don’t get the joy of leisurely thinking of nothing. Even when we are doing nothing we are thinking about what we have to do next that day and maybe later that month or even year.

We don’t really stop thinking, plotting and planning for the next thing. I’m emotionally tired today and I just wish I could go to a nothing box.

I’m reading Max Lucado’s book Anxious for Nothing and he points out how praying detailed prayers can alleviate anxiety. Making a detailed list of what needs to be done, including things you have done already can help alleviate stress.

If you make a list and are able to check each item off and see your accomplishments; it produces a sense of satisfaction. The same is true when we pray detailed prayers and we see God answer it gives us hope for the next request.

If I pray for exactly what I need the hope is that I would stop worrying about that exact detail because I’ve given it to the Lord. I don’t have to figure out the result its up to the Lord.

This way of handling each concern, pain, worry, or emotional issue should help to let go of anxiety.

The Lord has said I can come boldly before the throne of grace to find mercy and grace in my time of need. So that includes every detail from what to eat to wisdom financially and relationally.

My Pearl is that The Lord is interested in every detail of my life and wants to hear my heart just like we want to hear our children’s hearts.


November 19 Pearl

November 19

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 Today I was anxious about getting the Christmas decorations out and getting my son’s room decorated before he comes home tomorrow night. I want him to feel like his room is home to him.

I was told by other parents with college aged children that after your child goes to college they don’t come back home very much. Sure enough, my son is either at school or at his internship and technically doesn’t live here very much.

We moved him from his internship apartment back to his college apartment. He had accumulated a lot of things. The mother heart of me wanted to stay and help him organize his room and go through what he wants to keep and sort it all out for him.

I know he doesn’t want my help with this, but I’m still thinking about it today and it makes me sad that his room is a mess and he has to figure out how to make it home.

It just feels wrong to not help him? Its part of my job as a mother to create a homey place for him. But, he has his own way of doing things and I would not be able to organize it the way he wants it.

Maybe for this reason I felt a need to organize his room here today. He is coming home for a couple of days and so this is the only way I can help create a place for him. It seems I should set up his kitchen for him, but he lives with a roommate and so I can’t go in there and set it up. Ugh.

My Pearl today is that my son is able to care for himself.

November 18 Pearl

November 18

What a day! It rained most of the day. We moved my son from his internship apartment to his apartment at college. The hardest thing to move was the washer and dryer. We spent 8-9 hours driving.

It poured down rain most of the day, especially when we were driving. The Lord answered my prayer by slowing or stopping the rain while we were moving.

Each time we were in the middle of actually moving items from the apartment to the U-Haul it stopped or slowed down. I felt so blessed that the Lord heard our prayer and had his hand on our move.

We had one big hiccup. After we hooked up the washer in the new apartment, it leaked and we threw every single towel we had at it, but it felt like we were using a teaspoon to empty a pool.

It took awhile, but we were able to mop up the water and hook up the washer and dryer without leaking. I was so grateful my husband was there to help today. I couldn’t have done it without him.

We were gone for a little over 14.5 hours today. I can’t hardly keep my eyes open. I didn’t sleep well last night thinking about moving and needing to get up early.

We also had the privilege to meet his supervisor at his internship. They are grateful for my son and want him back next year if he chooses them. It was nice to hear such kind words.

My Pearl today is the memories we created moving my son and The Lords hand on our move.

November 17 Pearl

November 17

Today I heard this quote: Gods light shines brightest in those who trust Him in the dark.

Today 31 years ago my niece was born. I was 12 years old and I was on cloud ten. I spent as much time with my niece as possible. I gave her a bath and I would hold her cheek against my cheek and sing to her until she fell asleep.

It was my first experience of mother like emotions. I wanted to take care of her every minute of the day. As she got older I would enjoy aggravating her.

I would put honey on top of her cereal and I knew she liked to take her spoon and eat the honey without stirring it into the milk. I would like aggravating her by stirring the honey into the milk.

She would get so mad! She would make her fists really tight and throw them in the air and scream in anger. For some reason I liked infuriating her in that moment.

Now that she is older I remind her of the honey incident and we laugh! What a joy to watch her grow from a baby to a young woman who now has three boys of her own. She is really good mother to her children.

My Pearl is the joy of getting to help nurture my niece and see how she has grown to have children of her own.

November 16 Pearl

November 16

I got up this morning while the sun was still over in China. I new it was going to be a busy day so I went to work early. On a day when I needed to be the most efficient I found myself forgetting a lot of important things.

Like number one, my water bottle! I feel lost without my water bottle! I drink a gallon of water every day and to not have my water bottle makes me feel like I’m walking around barefoot.

For two hours I did not know where my water bottle was and then I was walking through the hallways and there it was in one of the nurses stations! I shouted for joy and picked it up and kissed it like it was my long lost child.

I’m sure the nurses were like, oh my she has lost her head! They just don’t understand the importance of my water bottle, without it my mouth gets dry and my lips get parched, its no way to spend your day!

Then I started making copies for my “brain” that I use to write down patient information. I got sidetracked and left the copy in the copier along with all the copies.

I needed to start a new “brain” and I couldn’t remember which printer of the 30 million in the hospital I had left it on. After much searching I found it.

Then I left my stethoscope in the nurses station. As I was getting ready to leave a random through crossed my mind, do I have my stethoscope?

Sure enough I found it lying in yet another nurses station. The way the stations are set up they all look the same and I could walk in the same circle five times before I realize that I’m not seeing new rooms.

My pearl today is that what I lost, I found, each time! Thank you Jesus!!

November 15 Pearl

November 15

I had rich person problems today. My computer didn’t work as fast as I wanted it to. I had a hard time deciding where to go to eat and what to eat when I got there.

Every time I type the word I it changes it to a capital A with a question mark in a box. Rich person problems, that’s what I’m having today.

According to our pastor if we make more than $37,000 a year we are rich. If we have a phone, computer, house, car, food and clothes we have rich person problems.

This morning I had a hard time getting out of the shower because I was enjoying the car wash shower head. Definitely rich person problems. I’ve never had a fancy shower like we have in this house.

It takes a bit for me to figure out which knob works which shower head. Yes, rich person problem. Tonight I had a hankering for a burger from steak and shake and fries from Arby’s so I went to both. Then I went to fresh thyme looking for non dairy ice cream.

I also went to Sears to lay on different mattresses because we still haven’t found the mattress that I think I will like for my back.

My Pearl today is that I may appear to be rich in possessions, but much richer with my relationship with The Lord and my friends and family.

November 14 Pearl

November 14

Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near….Philippians 4:5

I have to say that my hormones do not lean itself towards gentleness if you know what I mean!

Gentleness is a sure sign of someone who knows who is in control and its not them. An attitude of its going to be ok and we will get through this is an attitude that reveals gentleness and submission.

If I believe that I’m not alone and that the Lord is with me in the problem it will help me to be more relaxed and handle life as it comes to me.

I’m looking forward to making my mashed potatoes tonight. My husband is making bacon wrapped meat loaf and I’m making potatoes and then our group is bringing other sides to go along with it and we will get to have a nice dinner together.

We built our house to share it with others and I’m praying we keep inviting people over to share meals and games. I enjoy doing life with others and building relationships.

The older I get the more important it is to sow into others and give to others. Getting gifts is just not as enjoyable as it used to be. Giving is a whole lot more rewarding.

My pearl today is that in spite of my hormones I can achieve a place of surrendered gentleness if I rely on the Lord.