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October 30 Pearl

October 30

There is something to be said about close family relationships. Mom and dad were here for the weekend along with Christopher. The house is so empty now. I’m sad when those I love leave.

Mom and dad helped us pick out some plants for our house and gave us one for our house warming gift. Its so beautiful. I will think of them every time I look at it.

I have a group of girls I get to lead and I consider them my sisters. I’m grateful that I have close relationships with these girls and other church family. Life sure would be empty without them!

When your heart has been hurt over and over, its easy to shut the door and keep others out in order to protect yourself. If you do this, life is empty with no deep relationships.

On the other hand if you open your heart then there is always chance of pain and of course when they are away, you miss them. If you don’t love, you won’t have much pain, but you will have deep loneliness and that is a pain in and of itself.

My Pearl today is that love is worth the pain that comes along with it. The depths in which you can feel pain is the same height of joy you can experience.


October 29 Pearl

October 29

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them rich and satisfying life. John 10:10

It doesn’t take much to exist, we can all exist, but to truly live a life that is full and satisfying takes effort. The Lord came to give us a future an a hope. He died so that we can live an abundant life.

We can live as over-comers not just hanging on and barely surviving. When we accept Christ and trust Him with our future, we know our future is secure. We will go to heaven when we die.

There is more to living the abundant Christian life than accepting Christ and knowing where we are going when we die. Of course this is part of it, but living a life where we feel fulfilled and make a difference for others is the reason the Lord came.

Today we did more shopping looking for just the right piece of furniture for our wood wall in the living room. We also found a couple of silk trees for our house. We went to six different stores to look for silk flower cleaner. We struck out on all six stores.

We found some vases for a couple of the trees. We brought them home and I put the trees in the vases and one of them shattered. So we went back to the store and got another vase.

It was quite a day! A long day, but we did find the pieces we need. I feel blessed to have a new house and I feel worn out from making so many decisions. Next time we are buying a Chip and Joanna Gaines house and let her decorate it for us and we just move in.

My Pearl today is that I can live the abundant life and be an overcomer no matter what comes my way.

October 28 Pearl

October 28

Today 15,695 days ago I was born into this world. My son is now twenty years old which makes me feel much older.

My mother in law and I went shopping. At one point I said to her, oh no where did I leave my hat?! She said your wearing it! Oh my goodness, I was wearing the hat, yet I was asking her where it was!?

My mother in law is 71 and I said, my excuse is that I’m 43 today. She laughed! I have no idea what I will be like by the time I’m 71!

My son is here this weekend along with my in-laws. My husband made pulled pork and beans and we still had leftover apple crisp I had made yesterday. Our plan was to invite everyone to celebrate October birthdays and our new house.

I enjoy the new house, but I sure wouldn’t want to keep it to ourselves. It brings much joy to be able to share the house with our family and friends. More joy to share with others what God has blessed us with.

The Lord gives to us so we can pass it on not keep it all for ourselves, if its money, possessions or comfort/love.

My Pearl is the the joy of passing on our blessings to those we love.

October 27 Pearl

October 27

I’m reading this book called control girl. I didn’t think I was having a problem with control until I started reading. My anxiety is coming from feeling a need to control every aspect of our new house.

The author used an example that is so true and funny. Her two year old was wanting to play video games and wanted his own controller. She was going to throw out a controller that wasn’t working anymore.

Instead she gave that controller to her two year old. He would push the buttons and think he was controlling the action on the screen when in reality it was the older kids who were controlling the screen.

The controller was not even plugged in, but it didn’t matter to the two year old. He was pushing buttons and moving his controller like he was making things happen.

This is exactly how we are! We think we are controlling things but in reality our controller isn’t even plugged in!! The jokes on us!

The Lord gave his life to free us from every kind of sin, to cleanse us, and to make us his very own people, totally committed to doing what is right. Titus 2:14.

Jesus died so we can be free from needing to control everything! Thank you Jesus!

My pearl today is that I can be free from needing to control everything. What a relief. Now I got to go get things done. Lol! I probably won’t listen to my own advice.

October 26 Pearl

October 26

Today is my wonderful husbands 45th birthday! I’m not sure where the time goes? There was a time I was quite a bit frustrated with him and didn’t know if our future would be together.

I’m so grateful that even after moving twice in four months, I can say I’m grateful to be married to my man. His quirks fit my quirks. He understands my screw up ness. I know that’s not grammatically correct.

I understand his weaknesses and he understands mine. He has taken a lot of responsibility with this last move to the new house. He is taking really good care of the house. I have absolutely no idea how I would do this move without him!

I get overwhelmed quickly when trying to organize and decorate etc. I want everything to be in place now, but its not possible. Its stressful trying to build Rome in a day.

I would probably not be so stressed if I didn’t think everything had to be figured out today. Its hard for me to relax when things are not in order. My insides are more structured when my outside is in order.

My Pearl today are the ups and downs that my husband and I have been through which has created a solid foundation that can withstand the storms of life.

October 25 Pearl

October 25

Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice! Let the sea and everything in it shout his praise! Let the fields and their crops burst forth with joy! Psalm 96: 11-12

These verses remind me of the spirit of God that rests over the vast ocean and how it gives everyone a deep sense of rest when sitting beside the ocean.

Even if a person does not believe in the creator they are forced into a spirit of awe when gazing at the never ending ocean.

The harvest gives me the same sense of awe of the Creator. The smells of the harvest create a sense of provision and new life that can only be explained by someone greater than us.

All of nature exudes with the spirit of something greater than us. Life is busy and we can easily become engrossed in seemingly trivial things and forget the big picture.

Unpacking, organizing and contractors coming to work on the house, it all becomes a bit much. I need a whole 24 hours of silence and serenity. Even when I’m trying to sleep I’m dreaming about what I need to do the next day.

As soon as I wake up I think about what’s left to do. I need to go gaze at nature and be lifted above the busy.

My Pearl is that we have nature that envelops us with God’s presence to help us relax.

October 24 Pearl

October 24

All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right. It is Gods way of preparing us in every way, fully equipped for every good thing God wants us to do. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

I sigh deeply when I read these verses. How can the same words that we have read before jump out at us another day and touch us as if we haven’t ever read them before.

The Bible is definitely unique in this sense that each day it brings a new perspective. His mercies and his Word are new every morning. Its hard to comprehend how that can be. It must be the Holy Spirit that reveals this truth to us.

Its easy to take scripture out context. Understanding the culture behind the book gives us a better big picture of what is going on. Studying God’s Word is something that never grows old, there is something new that we can learn each time.

I would like to get a software program that would allow me to see the context of each book of the Bible and understand the time period in which it was written and the background of the authors.

My Pearl today is that I have God’s Word that can teach me the correct path to take. I am allowed to read God’s Word without persecution.