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April 30 Pearl

April 30

We have, well I should say, my son has, taught the dogs to sit and wait for their treat. We tell them to sit, and then we place to treat on the floor in front of them and tell them to wait. They sit there staring at the treat until we say, go get it.

This morning I said go get it, well Reggie heard me, but Daisy must not have. So Reggie is done eating his treat and I’m walking around the kitchen doing my own business and I look over and Daisy is still staring at her treat. She hadn’t heard me.

Wow, talk about obedience. Imagine if we were that obedient to the Lord? Even when Reggie had eaten his treat, Daisy sat there. Even when others are doing what we want to do, but the Lord is saying no to us, do we wait? Interesting thing to ponder.

Today I was reading a story about a couple from Scotland who owned a house and was renting it out. They had rented it out during WW II and when they wanted to come take possession of the house they owned, they couldn’t.

A new law was passed and the tenants were allowed to stay, as long as they wanted at the old rent.

So the owners died without taking possession of the house. Family ended up inheriting it and selling it later.

The point was made that there is a difference between owning something and possessing it. If we have accepted Christ as our Savior we own a lot, but do we possess it? Do we live as if we have the righteousness of Christ?

We have been given the righteousness of Christ, but do I live as if I have? I am going to make mistakes and fail at many things on this earth. This is not IF, but when I fail, do I believe that I can rest in Jesus righteousness?

If I believe it than I won’t abuse it, by sinning all I want because hey I have Jesus righteousness, but instead I will rest and have peace without defending myself.

I don’t need to defend myself when I fail. I can say yes, I failed and now I will learn from it and rest in the fact that I’m covered by Jesus righteousness and I don’t have to beat myself up.

My Pearl today is that I don’t have to feel guilty and beat myself up when I fail. I can humble myself, accept that I am a sinner and than rest in the white fluffy cloud of the Lords righteousness.


April 29 Pearl

April 29

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of April already. I have worked my new job for 3.5 months. It seems I just started.

The days go so fast, before I know it the day is over and it’s time to go home. Some days it’s 2 PM before I realize that I haven’t ate lunch yet. I take my lunch with me in the car and eat on the road.

Today for some reason I found myself really annoyed with drivers. Excuse me, I’d like to get on the interstate, you mind letting me in? Seriously people why are we driving so slow…excuse me, don’t you know who I am?

I laughed at myself today as I jokingly thought..don’t you know who I am. Isn’t that what I’m really saying when I get upset because the traffic is not moving to my pace?

I have often wondered how many times I complain of what others are doing and then turn around and do the exact same thing. I don’t think about how I may be annoying others.

Today I had a chance to make a bereavement visit. The patients family was so glad to see me that he wanted to make me his famous biscuits. Although I am trying to cut down on carbs, I couldn’t say no.

The joy it gave him to cook for me was so simple and yet brought him so much joy. He said he hasn’t been cooking because it’s no fun just to cook for himself.

It reminded me of the joy in giving. This gentlemen took care of his wife as she was dying and he did a really good job, but now he has nobody to care for. It must be hard to go from taking care of someone day in and day out and then all of a sudden there is nothing to do, no one to care for.

My Pearl today is that I get to be the recipient of others love as well as getting to give. I must be reminded that sometimes the best thing we can do for someone is allow them to give to us. It’s more blessed to give than to receive. The older I get the more I resonate with this statement.

April 28 Pearl

April 28

This morning was an early start with our biweekly meeting at 8 AM. I really do enjoy our team because we can laugh at each other.

Since I drive a lot I started listening to moody talk radio. I get so many tidbits in between seeing my patients.

One of the speakers, gave me the religious chills so I had to turn the volume off. What I I mean is the way they were delivering their message sounded so framed and canned. It was this sing song kind of religious canter. I am sure she might have been saying something good, but I shivered like a person would when you hear a fingernails on the chalkboard. Drove me nuts.

Another speaker was talking about our body and being overweight. Most of us one time or another have tried to lose weight.

The speaker brought up some good points. He said we should work out and take care of our bodies out of gratitude not out of obligation.

I was trying to think how I would apply this to my life? I can be grateful that I have the ability to work out and take care of my body. I can be grateful that I get to walk, some can’t.

A lot of the time if I want to lose weight it’s because I want to look better and I don’t want to buy bigger clothes so if I’m gaining weight I need to lose it to not spend more money. I guess this motive is ok, but I wonder if I would be better off if I was motivated by wanting to honor the Lord by taking care of his temple, me.

Another point the speaker made was that we should eat not for reward or comfort, but to nourish our bodies. Interesting. I think I eat for reward and comfort.

How many times do I hear myself say, I have had a bad day I deserve some ice cream.

My Pearl today is that I have a job where I can listen to speakers talk about Gods word, while I work. Another Pearl is that I was able to run today. My knees are making funny noises and hurt a bit, so I am grateful for as long as the Lord lets me run.

April 27 Pearl

April 27

Today my husband and I started our day off with an early morning run. My husband is now faster than me, what is up with that? I think I better get in shape. I have always wanted to do things like running with my husband and now we can. I hope that my body holds out and allows me to run until I’m 90 years old.

As I started my work day, I made some calls to check in on my patients. One of my patients was actively dying. I discussed his breathing and his comfort level and then we hung up. The patient caregiver called back within 10 min and sounded panicky.

Her voice was shaky and full of fear. She stated, I think he just stopped breathing, but now he is breathing again. Although she was aware of him dying, it was hard because she was alone with the patient. I told her I would be there as soon as I could.

It was an honor to be there to support the family. They shared many stories about the deceased and it was sacred. I assured the family that they had done a great job in caring for him.

The patient was a marine and worked for the police force and had taken bullets to the head. The Dr had told him he would never walk again. He beat those odds and walked again. This time he had a disease that he could not fight. But he sure was a fighter.

I can’t tell you the peace and reward I feel when I can help a patient and their family with this hard process of watching a loved one die.

The Pearl today is simply that the Lord has made me in such a way that I am compassionate and am able to care for others in vulnerable situations. I am also grateful that I can still run and run with my husband!

April 26 Pearl

April 26

Tonight my husband and I went shopping, together, being the operative word. It actually was fun. We went shopping for outfits for an upcoming wedding.

We went to three different stores in two hours and I tried on many shoes, hats, sweaters and jewelry.

I find it interesting that I used to not care much about what I wear. I’m becoming more lady like or feminine, or something?

I spent at least an hour trying on different necklaces. My collar bone is very prominent, so it’s hard to find a necklace that doesn’t sit on the edge of my collar bone and look really dorky. I like a lot of different necklaces when I look at them in the case, but when I put them on they looked way to big.

Growing up Amish I really have no sense of fashion or decoration. I like certain things, but then others tell me, no you can’t wear certain things together.

I now have a black dress, white shawl and black shoes. The issue is that I love this white hat that I think looks really good with my outfit. So far I haven’t gotten anyone to agree with me.

I look at the hat and my outfit and it so fits and it’s so me. So what am I going to do? Why can’t I decide what is fashionable for me? Will I offend the bride and groom if I wear the hat? I really don’t care if others don’t like it, but then what if it’s disrespectful to my cousin who is getting married?

I have found myself in this Dilemma before. Most generally I give in to what looks good, but I really don’t feel like doing that this time.

My Pearl today is that I’m becoming more unique and enjoying feminine things like jewelry and planning what I’m going to wear instead of throwing something together the day of the event.

April 25 Pearl

April 25

Today I read a story about a little five year old boy who was confused about what was being asked of him. He had a unique disease and had fought it, building antibodies to the disease. His sister had the same disease and needed a blood transfusion with blood that had the antibodies, which the little brother had in his blood.

The doctor and the family asked the little boy if he would give his blood to his sister? He said he would if it would save her.

After the transfusion the little boy asked the doctor, ” How long until I die?”

The little boy had understood that he was giving all his blood for his sister and would die. Wow.

This story reminded me of what happened when I was a a little girl. I had my first surgery at four years old; my tonsils were removed.

My brother being the lovely older brother every little sister wants, told me that I would die if I had the surgery.

I didn’t say a word and I vividly recall thinking well, this is it as I was rolled out of my room on a cart. I was taken to a surgical room and I was lined up with a lot of other carts, but no one was on any of the other carts. I could see all the people with green scrubs and green hats as they walked by.

I remember they were all so nice to me and I thought wow they are really nice to me right before I die?

I was thinking it wasn’t really that bad to die. It’s interesting because I have never been uncomfortable with death, even at four, I didn’t seem bothered with the idea.

The first thing I said when I woke up was, “I didn’t die?” Mom was flabbergasted and said, why do you say something like that?

I informed her that my brother had told me I would die.

The Pearl here is that the Lord gave me great courage at the ripe old age of 4. What a blessing. It blows me away that I believed what my brother said, but I didn’t mention it to anyone before the surgery. I kept this belief to myself.

April 24 Pearl

April 24

Today was an embarrassing and humbling day. I was on call last night, starting at midnight and I slept right through not just one call, but six calls. The first call I woke up for was at 5:30 this morning.

Now how can I find a Pearl in this situation? Well you will be shocked to find out that I found many pearls as the day wore on.

My first Pearl is that I am writing pearls and looking for the good in the bad. So as I began writing this Pearl, I checked my phone to see how many calls I missed. This is when I discovered I missed 6 calls.

This got me to thinking, how could I have missed 6 calls? I am not a deep sleeper, something isn’t right about this. Then bingo! I discovered what it was, I had my do not disturb on from 10 PM to 5 AM, which is why I heard the 5:30 call.

Had I not been writing my Pearl I would not have investigated and I would not have discovered this problem. So guess what would have happened? You guessed it, something worse would have happened. The next time I was on call the same thing would have happened and the embarrassment of that would just have been unbearable.

I do take pride in being a good employee so I was embarrassed by one time, but had it happened again without my realizing the problem, well I don’t even want to think about it.

The other Pearl is that I did some soul searching after this so called “failure.” It was really bothering me, of course. As I processed through the feelings I was reminded of something I learned years ago. If I get really upset when I fail, it might be because I think to highly of myself. Pride.

Of course I don’t want to fail or do anything wrong, but if I’m really hard on myself is it because I thought I was so good that I wouldn’t do anything wrong? When I start to think of it this way, I realize I am still very proud.

So I went through that humbling process today, which was a good Pearl reminder.

I discovered the problem and so chances are it won’t happen again. It could have been a lot worse. The phone calls could have been emergent and no one else could have been available, but instead someone was available and it was non-emergent.

It was a roller coaster of a day. Including I did get a call at 7:15 AM and had to make a trek to Anderson, 51 miles away for a visit, even though my shift was over at 8:00 AM.

Through it all, I found many pearls and I’m grateful that the Lord is close to me and revealed my phone problem and revealed my heart. You gotta love Him, that Jesus!