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June 29 Pearl

June 29

Have you ever felt like someone punched you in the gut emotionally. Its a shock to the nervous system. Your head spins and you wonder what just happened?

I have been betrayed many times and so when I feel betrayed by someone close to me I feel it deeply. I’m never ready for the depth of the pain and nausea that accompanies the feeling of betrayal.

I pray that I learn to never betray others and realize by being on this side of betrayal how hurtful it can be.

Jesus knows how I feel because he was deeply betrayed by his close friend. Of course he knew it was coming. I don’t know if that makes it easier? Probably not. It still hurts the same.

I’m grateful that I can lean into Jesus and reach for his words during a time like this. I think of the verse: The Lord searches the whole earth in order to strengthen those who are fully committed to him.

I am fully committed to You Lord. I ask that you strengthen me.

My Pearl today is that I am not alone I have a Savior who cares and feels my pain.


June 28 Pearl

June 28

As I was driving in rush hour traffic this morning I had to think of the verse be thankful in everything because that is the will of Christ Jesus for you.

We often wonder what is God’s will for us? Now we know to be thankful in every situation. This morning as I was surrounded by people on the freeway, rolling along at ten miles an hour. I noticed some were checking their teeth and their face in the mirror.

Others were gripping the steering wheel as if they couldn’t believe they were still sitting still on the interstate and not at work yet. Others were on their phones laughing and carrying on as if they didn’t notice they were in traffic.

In that moment I thought, Ok, I need to be thankful? I started listing the things I was thankful for: I had a car, I could drive the car, I had a job to drive to.

My Pearl today is that the Lord reminded me that I can be thankful even in the midst of unwanted circumstances.

June 27 Pearl

June 27

Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm. Proverbs 13:20. The statement has been made you become like the people you spend time with.

I bow my head to pray and ask the Lord to help me spend the most time with Him so that I can be a sweet aroma of His presence. I have nothing to offer without His spirit within me. I desire to represent Him in a very real and tangible way.

I want to hang out with others who are wiser and more mature than I am so I can become better every day.

Today was an efficient day. I was able to provide direction and support for a couple of families who are grieving the loss of their loved one. I felt the day was productive and no matter what happens, if I feel productive I’m ok.

Its interesting how stress comes in a different form for everyone. Driving in rush hour traffic is stressful for me because I’m not being efficient. The whole time I’m thinking, if I had just driven this trek an hour earlier or later, I wouldn’t be sitting here.

My Pearl today is that the Lord is the wisest of them all and spending time with Him will give me the most bang for my buck, so to speak.

June 26 Pearl

June 26

The thought occurred to me today: I rarely ever overeat on veggies. I was eating my Brussels sprouts tonight and when I had two left I said to myself; I think I’m full.

I stopped eating my sprouts and reached for the nut mix with chocolate in it? Hmm didn’t I just say I was full? Oh I meant I was full of veggies, but had room for chocolate?!

Isn’t this an interesting phenomenon? I have a lot of willpower over Brussels sprouts and broccoli, but none over King size snickers bars, twizzlers and chips.

I guess its all in my head? I need to start viewing my snacks as Brussels sprouts and then I would never over eat.

Another thought occurred to me today, since we moved we do two things… We spend half of our time saying, “Honey do you know where my x, y, and z is?” Then we spend the other half of the time looking for x, y, and z.

My Pearl today is that I have work to do on my eating habits, but the Lord is with me to help me. As well as, when we are searching for our belongings.

June 25 Pearl

June 25

Its strange moving into a new house. Its surprising how an environment makes you feel different? I know this is true based on what restaurant I go to or where I work or if I’m at the beach or on a mountain top..

Obviously with these different environments there is an entirely different feeling that accompanies each one.

I feel unsure of who I am and who I am connected to? Must be what the dogs are feeling, as well. They are losing their sense of structure, routine and familiarity.

Of course its the people that make a home, not a building. However, there is something that is missing when you don’t have a place that is yours. I feel a bit lost, empty and detached.

I am still the same person and I still have the same people who are my friends and yet I feel so different just by moving to a different house. Its only 4.5 miles from our old house, but I feel miles away from our old life.

Once again I find it strange that a house can feel like your “life.” However I must admit it feels that way. Like the five years we lived there is a different life then we are about to live. Yet, nothing is changing except the structure in which we live.

I really find this an interesting phenomenon. I wonder how musicians make it? Most generally they have a place they call home and go home a couple of days at a time?

I’d probably never be a good traveler. I like familiarity and structure. I feel different in my comfy chair versus the bed or the couch or big mama (huge bean bag). My surroundings truly effect my mood and sense of self.

My Pearl today is that the Lord is with me and I know who I am in Him no matter where I live. I’m glad I have this truth as my foundation.

June 24 Pearl

June 24

What a day! We moved to our rental house today. We had quite a few friends who showed up to help us. It was such a relief. I’m so very grateful that we have friends who wanted to spend some time on a Saturday helping us move. I know its not a pleasant thing to do.

We had a 26 foot Uhaul and filled it all up! Yikes! How have we accumulated so much stuff? We had moved many smaller truck loads prior to today.

I’ve noticed every time I have a big job at hand I reach for my what I learned growing up Amish. We learned to work hard, stay focused and get the job done no matter what it takes.

On a day like today when we had a big project at hand, I was grateful for my heritage. I had resources in my mind to pull from when I needed some help.

I’m exhausted, but the bed is made and we have a place to sleep. Things are definitely not in place yet. However, everything is moved.

Tomorrow I get to go back to the house and clean it . I didn’t realize how dirty it was behind the furniture!

My Pearl today is the value of learning how to work hard and having friends who are willing to help you when you need it.

June 23 Pearl

June 23

Create in me a clean heart Oh God, renew a right spirit within me. This is a prayer and a song I love to sing over and over.

Today a miracle happened our windows were fixed! Its been 12 weeks since we ordered our window balances. Over and over again we have had issues. They would come out and have the wrong parts.

At first the parts were on back order and then they were suppose to be here the next day, yet when they arrived they were the wrong parts. My husband got frustrated, resulting in some inappropriate words and then inappropriate words were sent back to him by the business.

On and went from bad to worse to unbelievable.

Next miracle that happened today, our kitchen in our rental was fixed and put back together. Thank goodness!

It finally stopped raining and we sailed our ark over to the rental to take a couple of loads over. We have been able to move a lot which is going to make our move tomorrow much easier.

My son came home to help and some of his friends showed up to help. It was great to have him here along with his friends.

Overall it has been a long but successful day.

My Pearl today is the Lord showed up in many miracles and I think he will continue to do so.