December 24 Pearl

December 24

Its Christmas Eve! I watched Rio this morning. Not sure its a Christmas movie, but it was so sweet.

Have you ever noticed that each movie has a bag guy, a hero, love and happily ever after.. In Rio the Vivian was a bird who once looked good, but turned ugly.

The innocent blue bird, oh shoot did I really forget his name already? Was it Rio? Oh my, I am getting old. Either way, the innocent blue bird is so naive and he meets the only female like his own and she is a witch with a B.

Then the child who has no family helps save the birds. Its all so sweet. Then the triumph moment when the blue bird can fly after the female bird kisses him. Makes your heart go pitter patter!!

The Bible is actually the same way. There is a bad guy and a hero and love and sacrifice. Every good story makes you say aw isn’t that sweet!

I love this time of year as we spend time thinking about love and how we have been saved from ourself.

My Pearl today is that we have a hero, its Jesus! He rescued us at just the right time!


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