January 15 Pearl

January 15
Today I was reading Matthew 12:20; A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.

Have you ever felt your energy is gone and yet continually stress comes in different forms from many different avenues? Jesus was perfect and yet many people wanted to catch him doing something wrong in hopes they could kill him.

In my past I remember at times wondering if I could handle one more log on the fire and each time the Lord carried me. His promise is true he will not break a bruised reed and if you still have a small flame burning he will not snuff it out. In fact the Lord carries the broken hearted close to his heart. He throws us around his shoulders like a lamb that is lost in the cold. He brings us home safe.

In the end you will always be safe in his arms, no matter what happens. The Pearl when you feel like a bruised reed and you can’t take one more blow is that you are humbled and realize your need for Jesus our Savior. I would rather be brought low so that I can realize the blessing of needing Jesus then be self assured and think I can be my own God.

I would rather be sad and lonely and at peace then have everything and everyone in this world, but have no peace and be lost on my own. Heartache with the Lord is much better than circumstantial happiness without the Lord.


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