Monthly Archives: September 2014

Do nurses make a difference

I wonder if I make a difference in my patient’s lives? Do I teach them about their condition so they can change. I don’t like how sometimes I have a preconceived idea about a patient and I don’t put forth as much effort to teach them. 

Most of our patients are without insurance and are not compliant with their medications. I have to fight the attitude within myself that say’s don’t bother to teach them, because they are not going to listen anyway. 

So, people come in with heart failure and we discover they have not been taking their water pills so they are having trouble breathing. Some of the patient’s truly have a sad situation. Some have no family involvement. Some are even homeless and just glad to be in the hospital so they can have a warm bed and warm food. 

Somehow I need to keep the same attitude with all patient’s even if I think they are not going to listen. I remember one real sad situation where a homeless alcoholic wanted to leave because he wanted to drink. I talked to him about quitting how he was going to kill himself if he continued to drink. He understood and he also understood he had burned all his bridges with family and no one came to see him. 

At one point he seemed to want to change and even made the phone call to a local recovery program. Seconds later he changed his mind and said he wasn’t ready for that and wanted to go out and drink again. He had no money, but he said he would find a way to get a drink. He always did. It was so sad to me to see him fight the reality and wanting to quit drinking, but he just could not motivate himself to do it. 

At the end of the day, I’m left wondering do I make a difference at all? I am a nurse because I want to be Jesus hands and feet. I want to  make sure I am doing this every day, no matter what my patient’s choose to do. I want to treat them all as if they are Jesus himself!