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January 31 Pearl

January 31

You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head…how precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! I can’t even count them, they outnumber the grains of sand! And when I wake up, you are still with me! Ps. 139:5, 17-18.

These verses jumped out at me today. I am one week post op and feeling like I’m progressing. I have my first post op appointment on Friday and I get the dressing off of my incision which means I can finally take a shower.

I am looking forward to taking a shower, seeing my incision and also I hope to see the pictures of what they did while my shoulder was open. My husband got to see them, but I haven’t.

My husband says I spoke with the doctor before surgery, but I have no recollection of speaking to him.

The last thing I remember is telling the anesthesiologist, “Hey, now don’t do anything stupid.” The nurses chuckled and said I love taking care of nurses. I was referring to the nerve block he was ready to place in my neck/shoulder.

He was kind of fumbling around and said something like now I need to make sure I use the right needle. I responded with Hey now, let’s NOT do anything stupid here! We all laughed and then he said well I’m going to give you some vitamin D.

He held up a syringe with I would guess about 2 ml’s of fluid in it. I said OH, is this kind of vitamin D going to help me forget your doing the nerve block? He chuckled and said yes it is!

That was the last thing I remember before I woke up after surgery. However, my husband says our pastor was there and prayed with us and I spoke with the doctor before they took me to surgery.

I don’t know what kind of vitamin D I got, but it sure made me forget everything.

I do believe the Lord went before me and is following me and has blessed me. I’m blessed that this is my left shoulder and I’m right handed. I’m blessed because my husband wants to take care of me willingly. I’m blessed because I have many friends who check in on me. I’m blessed because my son came home to surprise me last weekend.

My life is full of blessings. Thank You Jesus!

My Pearl today is that the Lord goes before me and follows me, he thinks about me all the time and is still with me after I wake up from surgery!


January 30 Pearl

January 30

So far today its been a very good day. My pain has been tolerable and my stretching exercises are going much better than I anticipated. I’m blessed that my legs work and I can get on the elliptical to get my blood flowing before I stretch.

While on the elliptical I was able to enjoy a live Michael W. Smith concert. He is such an awesome worship leader. His heart and spirit reflect what I imagine it would be like to be in Gods presence.

I was listening to friends are friends forever and I closed my eyes to sing and almost fell off the elliptical. Yikes. I guess I get to worship, but I must keep my eyes open.

He played the song place in this world and it reminded me how far I’ve come and how I’ve found my place in the world. I love my husband he is becoming such a great man! I love my job, which I can’t wait to get back to. I love my friends from church.

We are surrounded by a great cloud of God fearing people. I was able to get out of the house for a bit today and go to lunch with some friends from church. They came and picked me up, due to me being not quite a week post op.

Tonight another friend from church is picking me up and taking me to eat with our Monday night group. I’m looking forward to it. I feel surrounded by love and joy.

In spite of being off of work since November 7 and having two shoulder surgeries. I am really blessed in the middle of it all. My husband is taking great care of me. I really have nothing to complain about.

My Pearl today is that I am surrounded with life giving relationships and although my circumstances are not ideal, I am able to feel blessed beyond measure. Only You Lord can orchestrate this scenario in my heart. Thank you Lord! I owe you everything! This is not my life, but yours, I surrender.

January 29 Pearl

January 29

Five days post op. I think today was the best day I had so far. Still in pain, but I felt better and had less pain meds today. I was able to stretch a little further today. I’m getting into a routine of getting up late and taking a nap about three hours later. I get tired so quickly without doing much.

My son came home from college to surprise me after my surgery. It sure was good to see him, even though I wasn’t really up to doing anything accept going to my hairdresser to get my hair washed and going to church. Those two things wore me out.

I’m sure it will get better as time goes on. We all have painful situations in our lives. I’ve been reading about Joseph and how his brothers sold him into slavery. He spent years in prison and then finally the Lord exalted Joseph over all of Egypt.

When Joseph finally met up with his brothers he said, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” Genesis 50:20.

I think if we can find God’s purpose in our pain it makes it all worth it. The Lord is near to the broken-hearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Ps 34:18. The Lord comes to us in our pain if we humble ourselves and ask him what he wants to do through us in our pain.

My Pearl today is the beauty of a broken heart and crushed spirit. The Lord is in the business of renovation.

January 28 Pearl

January 28

Time goes by so quickly when your tired all the time. I get up and go through my morning routine and I feel like I’ve worked a hectic 18 hour shift and only 3 hours have passed. I’m ready to pass out after three hours.

My pain in controlled, but absolutely no energy.

I was reading a devotional today about giving God the glory. How many times do we ask for things in prayer, but it’s only to benefit ourselves.

I want to be happy in my marriage and if glorifying God means I may be unhappy and not get what I want, do I still want to glorify God? Probably not. We are all looking to be happy and to glorify God, but then if we have to be miserable we would rather just step aside and not bring God into the picture.

The same is true with out kids, do we want them to be happy or really reveal the Lord through their lives? Truth be known most of the time we just want them to succeed so we can feel like we did a good job parenting them.

We need to look further into the big picture of what is really important. What will make a lasting difference, from an eternal perspective.

My Pearl today is that we can do the hard things in life and point people to the Lord who deserves all the glory.

January 27 Pearl

January 27

A sponge bath, just what every nurse hopes for. I can’t take a shower until my dressing comes off, at my post op appointment in one week. I can’t find my deodorant? In my drugged stupor I guess I’ve misplaced it? Wonder where it will show up?

I’m reading this article about runaway emotions. Have you ever thought about how boring life would be without emotions?

Imagine a football game without emotions? It would sound like a game of golf where everyone claps silently.

What about a concert? How would a person create music without emotion? There would probably be no music.

We enjoy the good emotions, like joy and happiness. The problems is there are hard emotions like grief, anger and fear.

The good news about these emotions is they will tell you something is wrong. Its like an alarm that goes off letting you know something needs to be changed.

These negative emotions says something about who you are and what situation you are finding yourself in. Don’t ignore your emotions, find out where its coming from and do something about it.

My Pearl today is the joy n sadness of emotions. The Lord will lead us and teach us through our emotions.

January 26 Pearl

January 26

Kind words are like honey -Sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24 In this world we hear so many mean words.

Right now I’m so grateful that my husband wants to take care of me. I didn’t realize how much help I would need. I don’t like feeling helpless, but I’m grateful that he is willing to help while I feel vulnerable and weak.

Last night I kept waking up. Its hard to get comfortable with a sling on and a ice pack on your shoulder. I can only lay on my back or my right side.

I’m really tired because I have to keep taking pain meds around the clock in order to keep the pain manageable. I don’t like how this makes me feel. What else can I do right now..not much.

I can listen to praise music. Love the old Phillips Craig and Dean songs and Fernando Ortega. They soothe my soul, just like the toast my husband made for me this morning with almond butter and honey.

I woke up feeling nauseated so the toast was just what I needed and my husband volunteered to make it for me. Thank goodness because I think I would have vomited before I could have made it.

My Pearl today is getting to worship the Lord and my husband who is so kind to me while I’m down. Thank you Jesus!

January 25 Pearl

January 25

My nerve block wore off! I had no idea how much pain I was in. The nurse told me to take the pain meds before the nerve block where’s off. I didn’t listen because I thought the ice would do the trick. I was so very wrong.

I’m in a lot of pain now. I’ve taken the pain meds and I try not to move. Praying and focusing on worship music. I’m going to watch Steve Harvey to laugh. The endorphins will help my pain.

My Pearl is short today because its hard to type. My Pearl today is that the surgery was successful and although I’m in pain. I will be ok.