December 23 Pearl

December 23

Today we enjoyed two Christmas services. Its one of my favorite things to do during Christmas. I usually like to go to three different services, but we don’t always have time for three.

I am pondering some new thoughts about Joseph. In his time a groom had to pay for his wife and he was engaged to Mary which meant they were actually married already, but had not consummated their relationship.

When he found out she was pregnant he had a couple of choices. He knew that the child was not his. He and the rest of his family and Mary’s family assumed the worse.

I can’t imagine how Mary felt! Falsely accused I’m sure. But she had no proof. Imagine trying to explain that you were pregnant and never had sex. Not very believable.

In that culture if Joseph chose to he could have asked for all his money back and exposed Mary publicly and then had her stoned. Instead he didn’t plan to expose her and didn’t even ask for his money back. Instead he planned to divorce her quietly.

What a man, instead of exposing her, humiliating her and demanding his money back he was just going to divorce her quietly. Until of course the angel let him know that Mary was a virgin.

The good news for Mary was that at least her husband finally believed her. It would appear that both of their families had rejected them, because they didn’t come to see them when they had their baby. Instead it was strange men from out of town.

You’d hope that if you have a baby your family would come? These are all new perspectives of this story that makes me realize that I have not experienced any real false accusations compared to what Joseph and Mary went through.

They both had to have pleasing God as the number one thing on their mind in order to follow through with the plan.

My Pearl is that if Mary and Joseph can go through humiliation and having no voice, then my experiences are minuscule.


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