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May 30 Pearl

May 30

Today as I was working on my computer in the lobby at work. An older lady sat down at the piano and started playing. She was swaying back and forth to the music and played her heart out.

I recognized the music as the old hymns like How Great Thou Art.. She looked like she could be 90 years old. She wore an old hat and a pink sweater, a skirt and slip on shoes.

She inspired me once again to learn to play the piano We are in the process of moving so this is not the time to start learning. I wonder what I could do while I’m waiting to learn more about music?

I love to learn and I believe a person can keep their mind young by continually learning something new. My three year plan is to know how to play the keyboard without music.

After my son graduates from college I’m considering going back to school to get my NP or a masters in teaching. I don’t want to become stagnant. There is more in this world to know and learn then I could ever know or learn.

My Pearl is the joy of having a brain that can learn new things, not everyone has that opportunity.


May 29 Pearl

May 29

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone driving faster than you is a maniac? It doesn’t change based on how fast WE are driving it changes based on how fast others are driving compared to us.

We are so self focused that on days we want to drive leisurely and we are looking at the scenery we find the person behind us a maniac when they get to close to us. The funny thing is that we just did the same thing to someone else yesterday when WE were in a hurry.

Often times I stop and think about the complaint I’m about to make and wonder if I’ve done the very thing that I’m complaining that someone else is doing. Every day we are focused on what WE are going through. So we complain based on what WE are going through in the moment.

I would challenge all of us to think about everything before we complain and ask ourselves if others couldn’t say the very same thing about us? If we are honest most of the time we have done exactly what others are doing.

There is an area of construction on I 65 and most people wait until the last minute to merge. I was traveling along in the lane I should have been and other cars waited until the last minute, causing everyone to slam on their brakes to avoid an accident.

I thought to myself, why don’t they read the signs! It said to merge a mile back! The very next night I was on the phone and I was in that far left lane and at the last minute I realized I needed to get over because the lane was coming to an end, so I had to merge over quickly.

I realized in that moment that I did the same exact thing I complained about the night before! In the quiet of my car, the night before I was telling these people how they cause accidents etc..and yet the very next night I did the same thing.

You never know what its like to walk in another persons shoes and see things from their perspective. Its always a good principal to try to do so. We are all capable of doing the same things that we complain about.

My Pearl today is that the Lord gives me grace so I can extend it to others.

May 28 Pearl

May 28

We have been praying to find a house to rent. Amazingly enough we found a perfect little house that will be big enough to live in and store our furniture so we don’t need to pay for a storage.

Our landlord is a Christian and I am very happy about giving them our money instead of just some no name leasing company. I feel we are being guided by the hand of God and I feel stressed, but protected.

We now need to decide how we will move to the new house and the most efficient way to do so. We have to think about the fact that after four months we will be moving to our new house. There has to be an organized way to move twice in four months.

This is the year of moving. We will move twice in and out of houses and our son will move twice in and out of apartments.

For he knows how weak we are; he remembers we are only dust. Psalms 103:14 I’m so glad The Lord knows how weak I am and that I need his help with every step I take in this world.

My Pearl today is that the Lord knows I’m weak and he will guide me through all of my circumstances.

May 27 Pearl

May 27

Today we moved my son into an apartment three hours away for his first internship. Of course, as parents we wanted him to have the best apartment in the safest part of town. We thought desiring a clean apartment wasn’t too much to ask?

We spent two hours cleaning the apartment after we went to the store to get febreeze and Lysol wipes. Everyone’s idea of clean is different.

I’m praying for his protection as he sleeps. Also praying he will enjoy the new freedom he has with no homework and providing for himself in a town where he knows very few people.

I’m excited for his possibilities to learn and grow as a person. This is his first experience out on his own, so to speak. He will get to learn what its like to work 40 hours a week and take care of his own dwelling place.

I have family that live within an hour of where he is living. We met with them for dinner and introduced them to one another. I’m glad I have adult family that are more than willing to support him.

We had a great dinner and fellowship, reminiscing about our younger years. I’m feeling old. My son will no longer be a teenager this year.

There are always mixed feelings when you start something new, if its moving, buying, selling etc.. They may be good things, but saying good bye to the old is bittersweet.

I’m grateful that my son is an adult and can take care of himself. However, I really wanted to take him back home to an environment that I’m familiar with, instead of leaving him in a strange apartment complex.

My Pearl today is the joy of knowing that the Lord is with my son in and through his new experience and the end result will be a positive thing for everyone.

May 26 Pearl

May 26

This morning when I was out riding my bike, I saw this poor goose that had a broken wing. It was hobbling along broken and unable to move as fast as the rest of the flock. I felt so sad for it.

It looked helpless and frightened by me and my big Dr. Sues bike. For all it new I was a bulldozer and I was going to run over him. He could only waddle away with his broken wing.

How many times have I felt like that goose with a broken wing. It reminds me of this verse: And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Philippians 1:6

It also reminds me of the lyrics to a song: Take these broken wings and learn to fly again and learn to live so free..

My Pearl today is the Lord’s desire to fix my wings and help me fly again.

May 25 Pearl

May 25

May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace. Numbers 6: 24-26

I love seeing the memories that come up on my Facebook time-hop. Today five years ago I was studying for my nursing boards. I think I did around 1500 questions; I was going to pass the test if it killed me!

I remember getting to the testing facility at six in the morning, when my test started at eight. I wanted to allow for a flat tire. I guess I gave myself plenty of time.

I had an app on my IPAD and I was doing board questions at baseball games and even when I sat in the parking lot waiting to go in to take my test. In the last 30 minutes before I went in to take the test, I thought to myself, what am I really going to learn in these last minutes?

I decided if I didn’t know enough to pass my boards by the 1500 th question, I was not going to get it.

A year ago today we were planning for my son’s graduation and he was finishing up his last baseball games. Today my son finished his first year of college and we are preparing to move him to another city, three hours away for his first internship/job.

My Pearl today is the joy of how the Lord walks with us and smiles over us as we attempt to walk through this life.

May 24 Pearl

May 24

Today as I was getting ready in the early morning hours, this song came to my heart..He split the sea so I could walk right through fears are drowned in perfect love..I’m no longer a slave to fear, But I am a child of God. The song is no longer slaves by Bethel.

As these lyrics came to my heart, I felt the spirit prick my heart saying I’m going to provide a place for you to live..about 20 min later I happened to check my Facebook messenger. I don’t keep my notifications on for messenger or Facebook.

I had a message from a friend who wanted to know if I had found a place to live? I said we continued the conversation. I received an offer to live in this families basement. I’m not sure if its going to work out?

We are prayerfully considering it. It would cost about the same as a one bedroom apartment in a cheap apartment complex. Which we would rather not live in an apartment complex, but of course we will if needed.

Either way, I felt the Spirit brought that song to my heart and it felt like it burst from within me. I am hormonal so I know it didn’t come from me! I feel like doing about anything but singing right it must have been the Holy Spirit.

I want the Lord to guide us in this important decision on where to live with our two dogs for 4 months. It could be a disaster or a very positive thing to cohabitate with another family. I’m praying for clear direction. A clear yes or no!

My Pearl today is that even when I don’t feel like singing the Lord fills my heart with song.