October 12 Pearl

October 12

I had a melt down today. The stress has been building and building and I needed to explode. I laid in bed and cried my heart out to Jesus. Of course Reggie was right there with his soft tongue to lick my tears away.

Someday the Lord will wipe away every tear, but until than; there is Reggie.

Why so stressed? I guess its good stress buying a new house, planning contractors to come at a certain time and if one can’t make it, you have to cancel the next guy.

There is a certain order in which things must happen when building a house. Our little barn we ordered got stuck in the mud yesterday due to all the rain. So now the barn is not in the backyard yet.

Which means the fence guy and the sod guy need to wait until the barn is in. The barn guy can’t tell us when he is coming because the ground has to dry up. What if it starts to dry up and then it rains again?

Ugh! I want to pull my hair out. I know in the big scheme of things its not that big of a deal. Its just stressful. Its like building blocks if the bottom block isn’t laid, the next person can’t do their job.

My husband did a great job on the epoxy for the garage floor today. Which needed to be down 48 hours before we can walk on it or drive on it. Right now we can’t move anything into the garage or into the barn that’s not there.

I feel out of control and vulnerable. I need to be still and Know that God is God.

My Pearl today is that the Lord is in control and can hold me up when I’m weak and feel out of control.


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