September 23 Pearl

September 23

Last night we flew to Florida to surprise mom and dad with a golf cart for their 50th anniversary. It was planned in secret, amazingly enough we never let the cat out of the bag.

Mom and dad did not know we were coming and of course they didn’t know we were bringing a golf cart for them. We had to do a lot of planning and some lying to pull it off. We told them we were not coming, which was a blatant lie.

I don’t like lying, but Rahab did it for to protect The Lord’s spies and she was included in the lineage of Jesus. If you lie for a good reason its ok?

My aunt decorated the golf cart and my sister in law kept mom and dad at home so we would know they would be at home when we arrived.

My aunt and uncle arrived at their house right in front of us to tell mom and dad there were some crazies driving around the neighborhood in a golf cart. They described us as long hairy people shouting and blowing our horn etc.

Of course they made mom and dad come out and look and there we were, we pulled up with beards and wigs on in a golf cart with their name on it. When we took our disguises off they about crapped their pants. And even more so when they realized the golf cart was theirs.

My Pearl today is the joy of getting to hang out with mom and dad for their 50th and enjoying surprising them.


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