July 13 Pearl

July 13

Today I had a conversation with someone that made my heart hurt. A mom shared with me that she had seven children and had been married four times.

When I inquired about her children she shared that four of her children were married and had children and she hasn’t spoken to them in ten years. She didn’t have any details except to say that they all got married and had their own lives. They spread their wings and are their own.

She talked about it as if it was no big deal. I shared that I wanted my child to spread their wings, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t want them to stay in touch.

I was saddened as she shared that she had asked her other three children to leave and never come back. This incident happened very recently.

I can not imagine being estranged from one child, let alone seven? How would a mother’s heart handle this tragedy?

She was upset about the recent loss but seemed untouched by the loss of her other four children. I was very sad that she was in this life alone after having seven children. I just can’t quite wrap my brain around it.

As the day wore on there were some other minor incidences, but as the evening settles around me and the thunder and lightening has produced showers of blessing outside. I’m still sitting here thinking about this dear woman. I can’t quite shake it from my mind.

There are a lot of things worse then death and this scenario is one of them.

If you have much love and relationships around you, be grateful and enjoy the moments.

My Pearl today is that I have family I get to miss because I want them to be around. Relationships are the only thing that lasts forever.


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