June 25 Pearl

June 25

Its strange moving into a new house. Its surprising how an environment makes you feel different? I know this is true based on what restaurant I go to or where I work or if I’m at the beach or on a mountain top..

Obviously with these different environments there is an entirely different feeling that accompanies each one.

I feel unsure of who I am and who I am connected to? Must be what the dogs are feeling, as well. They are losing their sense of structure, routine and familiarity.

Of course its the people that make a home, not a building. However, there is something that is missing when you don’t have a place that is yours. I feel a bit lost, empty and detached.

I am still the same person and I still have the same people who are my friends and yet I feel so different just by moving to a different house. Its only 4.5 miles from our old house, but I feel miles away from our old life.

Once again I find it strange that a house can feel like your “life.” However I must admit it feels that way. Like the five years we lived there is a different life then we are about to live. Yet, nothing is changing except the structure in which we live.

I really find this an interesting phenomenon. I wonder how musicians make it? Most generally they have a place they call home and go home a couple of days at a time?

I’d probably never be a good traveler. I like familiarity and structure. I feel different in my comfy chair versus the bed or the couch or big mama (huge bean bag). My surroundings truly effect my mood and sense of self.

My Pearl today is that the Lord is with me and I know who I am in Him no matter where I live. I’m glad I have this truth as my foundation.


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