June 16 Pearl

June 16

It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception is composed of others. A quote by John Holmes.

We forget this idea that the world doesn’t revolve around us! I had a productive and efficient day with work and at home. At work I was able to support families and patients who were grieving.

I don’t always connect with the patients and families, but today I connected to not just one but three different families and their patients. It was a good day of connection.

I was able to experience one very loving family who is rallying around their mom through her dying process. Its really a rather beautiful thing.

At home tonight I was able to move some things to the rental house and do deep cleaning. I came home and mowed the yard and took the dogs on a walk.

I have to say it was a full day of joy. I’m really grateful I can move boxes and mow the yard. Last year I struggled to do any kind of labor with a post op neck surgery and a new shoulder injury.

I feel like I’m on the mend with my shoulder. It doesn’t hurt as much as it did and I have good range of motion considering I’m almost five months post op.

My Pearl today is the joy of giving and being able to work and do things around the house. Thank you Jesus!


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