June 14 Pearl

June 14

We received the keys to our rental house today. It was fun to go walk through the house and give it my touch. I was taken back to my Amish days when I use to clean houses. We sure knew how to clean a house.

I gave the rental my personal Amish touch, except of course I didn’t wash the walls. I’m not reaching back that far in my heritage. That is just too much work.

Its important to me as a woman to give the house in which I live my personal touch. It gives me ownership of the house.

When it comes to my work ethic and my ability to clean; I realize I inherited this from my Amish upbringing. I was also reminded today of my ability to bake. The Amish were at the hospital selling their baked goods.

It was a deja vu moment when I saw them. Its hard to describe how it feels to see my people who I use to be apart of; in a non Amish setting. There is this sense that I’m still apart of them, yet I feel like I’m on the outside looking in.

I am grateful for the things I have inherited. The work ethic, the baking and cleaning abilities. I used to think all these values come naturally for everyone. I guess not.

My Pearl today is the joy of finding pearls from my younger days.


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