June 12 Pearl

June 12

I was reading about Elijah today. He challenged the Baal worshippers and another group who worshiped other Gods. He said I will give you three hours to call out to your Gods and bring fire down on your offering from heaven.

Those who were worshipping the false Gods tied up their sacrifice and called out to their God for three hours and nothing happened.

Elijah on the other hand, tied up his sacrifice on a twelve stone altar and made a trench around the altar, filled it with 5 gallons of water and then called on God! Immediately fire fell from heaven and lapped up the water, the sacrifice and everything.

Elijah had faith that His God would show up and everyone would believe. Some believed. But the problem was the main witch of the nation did not.

She sent Elijah a message saying, your butt is mine in a frying pan. Elijah even after all that he just saw and experienced ran in fear!

What a story! He just saw God move mountains and yet right after the greatest joy and victory he fled in fear and sat under a tree and said he was ready to die.

Wow that was quite a turn around. A man of great faith to being suicidal. All because a woman said she was going to kill him.

Many times when we overcome and have a monumental experience we run the risk of letting our guard down and immediately getting depressed.

My Pearl today is that if a great man of faith, such as Elijah can get depressed and still come out of it; I think I’ll be okay.

Elijah was the one who never died, the Lord came and picked him up in a chariot of fire. I’m guessing Jesus and Elijah were pretty tight. Once again I think I’ll be ok. It would be nice to never die..maybe The Lord will pick me up in a mustang convertible?


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