May 3 Pearl

May 3

Today I was thinking about the power of the clothes we wear. I had the privilege of making a visit to a patient and their family after the patient had died. I was able to provide emotional support for the family as they were waiting for the funeral home to arrive.

They said you don’t have to stay, we will be okay. I said no, I’m here to support you. So we sat down and started talking and not once but three times someone started coming in to do something for the patient, as if she was still alive. I was able to be the one to say, this is not a good time.

In fact one person opened the door, saw me and turned around and left. The family member said, wow, they took one look at you and left. We all laughed.

So my thought was, there is power in the scrubs. People knew I was a nurse and it probably looked like I was trying to have a serious conversation with the family and so they left the family alone.

It could have been very awkward for the family to explain the status of the patient to everyone who tried to come into the room. One nurse was getting ready to check the patients IV line. I said very calmly, she has passed. Of course the nurse was very apologetic.

After she left, I said to the family, that is why I’m here. They laughed and said, thank goodness she didn’t try to get blood from her line.

My Pearl today is that the Lord has clothed me in His righteousness and that is much more powerful than my scrubs.


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