April 24 Pearl

April 24

I read this story about a urologist his name with Dr. Winkel. His office logo said, “If you can’t tinkle, come see Dr. Winkel! He was interviewed and was known to believe that being a urologist was his calling.

We get a notion that we can’t be called to our work by God, unless its working in the church or missionary work. This is a misconception. We are called to be Jesus hands right where we are planted.

A group of us from church brainstormed this question: What job would I be doing if all jobs paid exactly the same?

I had to admit, one of the things I would have liked to do, when I was younger, is be the garbage collector. I thought it looked like so much fun to ride around on the back of the truck. The smell of course would be another story.

My body could no longer handle this job anyway.

Another thing I could see myself doing is owning a small coffee shop and having a down home feel where everyone who came in would be known by name. I also thought it would be fun to be a walmart greeter.

Anything in customer service would be something I like to do. I get bored quickly so I need something to keep me challenged.

Of course, I believe I’m doing just what the Lord has called me to, which is loving and supporting patients and families in the grieving process. I am going to be the best hospice nurse I can be.

My Pearl today is that I can bloom right where I’m planted.


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