March 21 Pearl

March 21

When I read the Old Testament and how the Israelites moved through the wilderness I am amazed. How did they organize thousands of people?

They had a cloud that directed them by day and a fire at night, when it moved they moved. I would love to have this kind of direction from the Lord for my life today.

I imagine they would stick their heads out of the tent and see that the cloud had moved and so they loaded up their tents and moved.

I do believe God is a God of order and organization. He told the leaders to blow trumpets as a signal to bring all the leaders out to the entrance of their tents. Another signal was meant for separate tribes and they all had to know which signal was their sign to move.

If the tribes didn’t follow the signals,it was chaos. Like a stoplight that doesn’t work. The lights are blinking and everyone is supposed to take turns. Its chaos.

If we follow the Lords plans and keep his boundaries for our life we can live in safety.

The same is true when we don’t live within the Lord’s boundaries, life is chaotic. Life is chaotic enough without adding disobedience.

Thank you Jesus for your boundaries you give us for our safety. My Pearl is that today I can live within the safety of Jesus boundaries, knowing they are there for my safety and not to rob me of my life.


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