March 15 Pearl

March 15

I’m hooked on this song by Bethel, called He Came. I’ve been starting each day with this song while on the elliptical…

The lyrics are: You came, I knew that you would come, You stood outside my grave, with tear stains on your face, I heard you say my name, my night was turned to day, you came, I knew that you would are a miracle working God……

There is so much faith in this song. I love the picture that he stood outside my grave which to me describes my life before I knew Him. The worst part was that I didn’t even know I was lost.

I think back to how in control I was of my life, or so I thought. I was a habitual swearer, every other word was the F word and I thought I was so cool when I used it. How disgusting I must have been and how awful I was to be around. I can’t even imagine.

He stood outside the grave with tears on his face, reaching for me, wanting to help me and finally I heard his call. He came and I knew that he would come. That line reaches deep in my soul.

I could never depend on anyone as a child, so to think that I can now depend on The Lord to come help me with life is such a foreign concept. I love it. This song reminds me of the fact that he would come for me. I’m His child he loves me, of course He would come for me!!!

He wouldn’t have considered leaving me the way I was?! Lost and alone in my sin and alone with my own thoughts which were so far from God.

My Pearl today is that He is definitely a miracle working God!


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