March 11 Pearl

March 11

Each day I do my physical therapy exercises given to me by my therapist, who I see twice a week. Today was the first day that the stretch brought me to tears. I’ve been close before, but today as I put that broom over my heard and pushed just a little bit beyond what I could do, tears sprung to my eyes.

The point of physical therapy is to push your muscles just to the point of pain and then a little bit further. The plan is that each time I should be able to go just a little further, eventually regaining full range of motion.

If I don’t do the exercises, I will surely never regain range of motion. Without pain it is impossible for me to regain the full use of my arm. They cut my rotator cuff muscle and the only way to strengthen it is to go through the pain.

The worse part is I have to cause the pain myself.

This principle reminds me of many other painful processes we have to walk through.

Today a family is burying their 19 year old son. The grief they must be experiencing and will experience each day when he isn’t here for his birthday, Christmas and other holidays is going to be indescribable.

Grief is just like physical therapy, but it involves the heart and reaching a point of acceptance that your loss is real.

If you don’t grieve a loss, it will affect you. You will be forced to turn to chemicals or something else to take away the pain. The only way to get to the other side is through the pain. Same is true physically.

My pearl today is that through purposeful pain we can reach the other side and be free of burdens.


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