February 9 Pearl

February 9

I have gotten into this habit of looking on you tube for old hymns. I’ve had this deep deep longing to hear old hymns. I’ve come across a lot of great videos.

Mark Lowry and the Gaither band. Guy Penrod is so soulful. Now that was a mouthful. I’ve been listening to funny things with Mark and then hearing the others sing old hymns. The old hymns do something for my soul!

Back when I was going through my toughest times in therapy, I would sit with the hymnal and sing for hours! It was so refreshing. I’m an old soul. I was at every hymn sing they had at church!

Your all wondering where I’m going with this..well today I came across, What a day that will be, and it was being sung by none other than David Ring, who has a speech impediment.

He said God is still in the kitchen, he has put me in the oven and I’m not done yet. But when he calls me home, he will say, Well done!

He continued by saying someday he wouldn’t walk with a limp and he wouldn’t talk with a stutter and he would be able to button his own shirt. Then he started singing, what a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see..oh my I started sobbing.

Here is a guy who can barely talk and walk and he is praising God and has such a good outlook on life! It really touched my soul! I was so inspired I went grocery shopping to two stores with my one good arm. I drove the car with one arm, got my groceries with one arm, used the self scanner with one arm.

I was running late for my physical therapy appointment and you should have seen my one arm was flying through self scan! I’m surprised a Kroger manager didn’t ask me if I wanted a job! I was probably faster with one arm, then some of their employees were with two.

My Pearl today is a brand new perspective from a guy who has some serious ailments. My shoulder is nothing compared to this guy. I will praise Him in this storm and here after!


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