January 24 Pearl

January 24

In my devotional this morning I read this: You may not reach the goal as quickly as you’d like, but you will get there in perfect timing. Refuse to be discouraged by delays or detours. Instead trust that I know what I’m doing-just take the next step. Perseverance and trust in the Lord make a potent combination!

Today I will go in to have my shoulder replaced. I’m so ready to start recovery and get back to work! I can’t even tell you how ready I am! My last day with my patients was on November 7, day before my first surgery.

I trust the Lord and the surgeon completely with this procedure. However, I can’t help but think about the possibility of not waking up from surgery, because that is always a real possibility? I do expect to wake up, but what if I didn’t?

Have I said everything I wanted to say? Have I left a legacy? How will people remember me? My main concern is with my son who is in college. I want him to finish college strong and start life with a good foundation. To love Jesus all his days on this earth.

My desire for both my son and everyone else is that we would all truly learn how to surrender our entire lives to the Lord. A sense of abandonment, where we don’t hold even a portion of our lives back from Him.

Its the only way to live in peace while here in this world surrounded with sin and circumstances that are less than desirable at times.

Happiness doesn’t come from perfect circumstances. True peace and contentment comes from knowing His eternal perspective while still stuck in this sin sick world and body.

This is how I know this morning that no matter what the outcome of my surgery, I’m going to be okay. The Lord has this one, I don’t need to help Him. Funny thought, but don’t we try to help Him out?

My Pearl today is the peace I have because the Lord has granted me the gift of knowing Him. I know He is trustworthy. I’m not, but He is for sure!

This is actually a miraculous statement after all the abuse I’ve experienced from authority in my life. I can also close my eyes knowing that my husband is trustworthy. A year ago I couldn’t say this. I am so proud of how my husband has grown and continues to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit! All the pain we went through for ten years was well worth the results! I would do it all again!

The Lord is still in the miracle working business and he is going to put some metal parts together and Shazam…I’m going to have a new shoulder after today!


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