December 31 Pearl

December 31

I did some serious decluttering in one room, my serenity room. I went through all my desk drawers and cleaned our papers from years ago. My closet had more 1994 college notes and paperwork.

I also found all my nursing notes. I couldn’t resist keeping some of the notes. Just in case I ever forget which electrolyte does what.. I threw alway all my pediatric and ob notes, because I really disliked that class. It was to much info to get in 8 weeks.

I found all my handwritten notes, including A & P I took online. I missed my A by ten points. I was so very very angry! I worked so hard. I kept the construction boards I did of each chapter. It was very colorful and I spent a lot of time studying.

It was a summer online course in 8 weeks. Never again would I recommend such a crazy thing. I had a sheep’s brain and a cow’s eyes set to my doorstep.

In the middle of those 8 weeks, I had a miscarriage. I decided that I would push ahead and finish. It was a bad idea. I suffered emotionally because I didn’t take time to grieve and my studies suffered and missed my A anyway.

I also found old journal notes and I would glance at it and throw it away as soon as I saw anything about shame. I kept the notes on what I learned from the Lord and the scripture that helped me.

I feel a weight is lifted to know that I don’t have any of the old journals anymore! I think my one closet produced 6 gigantic bags of paper trash. What a great feeling!

I’m ready for a New Year! This is going to be the year of jubilee! The song, “These are the days of Elijah” is going to be my theme song. If you look it up on you tube there is one that is sung by the military men! It gives me goosebumps! If you don’t get goosebumps, check your pulse!

My word for next year is “Shoulder”. The Lord is going to lift me up on his shoulder and give me a new perspective and a new shoulder.

My Pearl today is the joy of new beginnings. With the Lord every day can be better than the day before. I can change for the better each and every day.


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