December 27 Pearl

December 27

Today has been a day of pain that has brought me to tears a couple of times. I feel nauseated and slightly on edge, putting it mildly. I usually do really well with ignoring pain. Today I have been unable to do so!

I didn’t know how much pain I was in, until I had my steroid shot and had minimal pain for 36 hours. What happened at 36 hours? Well I was lying in bed and and I reached over to pet Reggie before I went to sleep and my arm lit up like a Chevy Chase Christmas tree!

It has not stopped since. Its as if a lightening bolt came down out of the sky and shocked my arm and the aftermath is that of a fire that is still smoldering. I keep feeling like I’m getting the aftermath of earthquake tremors from my shoulder down into my arm.

Its driving me to tears! Lord help me! I reread what I just wrote and I see that I’ve equated my arm pain to lightening, fire and an earthquake. Interesting I would say I’m feeling pretty lousy!

So what is the Pearl in the poop? I would have to say my Pearl is that eventually there will be an answer. Now the answer is more pain by having another surgery where they will cut off part of my humeral head and then place a metal ball and sew me back up?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? There are many people who live with chronic pain and there are no answers so my hope is found that in six months from now I should be able to say I feel better? One can only hope.

My Pearl is the hope that something can be done, eventually. The timing is up to the Lord. I surrender all Lord. You are enough.


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