December 6 Pearl

December 6

I’m reading a book about what we should do while we are waiting for God. Right now I’m waiting around for my shoulder to heal.

Today I helped out at our hospice office with phone calls and support. I said I’m here to be a good bra, a support for all. Just call me Victoria. Hah. If the office wasn’t 30 miles away I would want to go help out every day. It was nice to be apart of the team again.

So back to the book on waiting. We usually try to find many things to distract us from dealing with the disappointment and pain of life. We would rather do something else and forget about dealing with the feelings of rejection and loneliness.

However, the first place we should turn to is to His Word, praising Him and praying. Many times we turn the TV on or text a friend or get on social media.

If you start scrolling you can be busy for the next three hours and then its time to be distracted by food or something else.

If we take time to rest and be still and know that he is God, what might we find? We may discover pain and thought processes that we are embarrassed to admit.

Have you ever turned off all social media and outside stimulus and just sat in quiet-stillness? Its amazing how it doesn’t take long for loneliness to consume you. This must be why we don’t do it.

Its in the quiet secret place where we take down our guards, take off our masks and find rest for our souls. True rest.

I was reading today how an off duty police officer drove into a sink hole and was drowned in fast moving raw sewage. Oh my! Perspective! What am I complaining about? Good grief, Wilma get over yourself. I’m not drowning in sewage.

Today’s attribute is Adonai, which means sovereign authority.

My Pearl today is that the Lord has said I get to enter his rest. Now will I accept the invitation.?


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