November 30 Pearl

November 30

Today I finished computer training for work. It was about 15 hours over three days and I’m exhausted. I wonder if I could handle working part time in the office, answering phones?

I have a follow up appointment tomorrow so I will need to discuss with the doctor about going back to work part time while I’m still on a weight restriction. I’m concerned about getting busy and using my left arm when I shouldn’t.

Today I read: “Be still and know that I am God” Knowing means to experience God. I think of David who was anointed King and then went back out to work as a shepherd. I think his classroom to learn how to be King was the time he spent out on the fields.

Imagine having time alone out on the hills with the Lord and the sheep. This may be the ultimate pause/waiting period. He’d have to wonder, “I thought they said I was going to be king? Why am I out here in the hills by myself?”

Isn’t this what we think? I thought God was doing something with my life and now I’m just doing jobs that don’t seem part of my calling..?

Sometimes what we think we are called to do may not play out the way we think it should. Especially the timing of it all. I wrote a book and would like to do public speaking to motivate women. However, its been two years now and nothing has really come of it.

I’m actually ok with it now, because I’ve found my place in this world, working with hospice and so speaking may come years later when I actually have something to share. I thought I had something to share before, but the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know.

My Pearl today is the privilege of sitting with the Lord, being still and experiencing Him. Now if only I can be quiet long enough.


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