November 21 Pearl

November 21

My son came home from college today. I’m a happy mama. Just knowing he is here makes my heart relax. Its that joy of just being.

When I think of my son, I think of the scripture that says something to the effect: there is nothing more that brings me joy then knowing my children walk in the truth.

I think the Lord knew I needed a special child and he sent me my son. I think back to when he was in preschool, the teacher said he could teach the class. He was like a teachers assistant and helped her enforce the rules.

He always told me to put my seat belt on. Most generally its the other way around. No, my son decided what was right and stood by it. He will be a great husband someday.

Last week when I saw my mom, she even mentioned how she never saw a child, like my son. He would stay with her once a week or so, while I was working and my son would help her in the garden.

He has finished his first quarter in college. He finished very strong and I’m so relieved for him. I think he will know the routine from here on out and it will feel like wearing an old hat, instead of everything being brand new.

I’m praying that he gets his first internship and gets started out in the adult world of the workforce this summer. Of course I will miss him, but I’m the happiest if I know he is succeeding.

My Pearl today is my son and his heart and he is here with us! Of course my husband is making him his world famous grilled cheese that won the cook off a couple years ago. Thanks honey for cooking for us!


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