October 21 Pearl

October 21

Today I saw a shoulder specialist for my shoulder pain. Finally I had an expert to interpret my MRI and give me a diagnosis.

The first thing he asked me is what he could do for me? Hah, I smiled and said tell me what is wrong with me AND fix it.

He smiled and I continued explaining how it hurts to reach for anything and the pain makes me nauseous and brings involuntary tears to my eyes.

He did my exam and then he went over my X-rays and my MRI in detail. I liked how he explained all the anatomy on each film. He showed me a white area and said they were cartilage particles.

So the diagnosis is that I have broken down cartilage particles that are floating around in my joint where they don’t belong. He said he won’t know until he gets into my shoulder to see how much of my cartilage is missing.

Its possible that I need holes screwed into my bones that would help more cartilage form if I don’t have enough between the bones.

All in all he doesn’t think I have any tares and so that is really really great news to me.

If my shoulder just needs cleaned out then the recovery well be nothing, but if I need extra cartilage than its a 6 week recovery. I’m hoping for a quick fix.

I remember seeing a knee arthroscopic surgery done and I thought oh my goodness could they be a little more gentle with the probes? The probes they stick in you look like the size of my husbands meat thermometer. Then they take four of those and jab them in through the skin and put their camera’s and their little debridement tools in through the probe.

The tool they used for cleaning up particles of loose cartilage looked like the old time hand mowers, but of course on a much smaller scale.

I remember watching the screen and seeing the little bits of frayed material and how the little mower went along and shaved it off. Then they removed the four meat thermometers and the patient only had four holes around his knee.

This is what I believe they will do with my shoulder. I hope to the Lord in heaven they are more gentle than the one I saw on the knee.

My Pearl today is that finally after a year I know what is wrong with my shoulder.


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