September 27 Pearl

September 27

Well I was a little tired today, my watch said I had four hours and one minute of restful sleep last night. Wonder if it had anything to do with watching the debate before I went to bed. It’s kind of hard to wind down after watching such a childish debacle.

I’ve never figured out how two adults can say such opposite things on national TV and they both seemed to be convinced that they are both right?

Now I’m not politically savvy nor do I really want to put forth the effort to do the hours of research it would take to become savvy.

Here is what I find interesting, how can anyone be sure of anything either candidate said? Who is to say they aren’t in this together and one or both of them are being paid to say what they are supposed to say? Are they mere puppets?

What if the whole thing is a hoax and both of them are playing a part and they laugh at us all when they get off stage?

I get so tired of hearing things that are supposedly true about either candidate and then people seem to believe one or the other? How can we be so sure of anything we read or hear? Yet I hear people that are so sure of this or that..I have to question everything at this point.

I saw something on the 911 attack and the theory is that our own government did it. Well it actually makes sense, but I don’t know? The point is though, if it is true that our government would plan such an attack on ourselves to bring the economy out of recession..well there is NOTHING I wouldn’t expect them to do or not to do.

So all that to say, the only thing we can be sure of is what has and is actually happening, not what anyone says.

I think there is a good chance that it’s all a show and Trump and Hilary are having drinks and laughing after the fact. I’m just sayin..

The Pearl is once again the Lord’s in control and come what may He will be with us as we go through it and give us the strength to stay true to Him. He is the only truth we can be sure of in this world. I pray that I can stay connected to His spirit so that I can please Him no matter what I do.


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