September 5 Pearl

September 5

I like to read “My Utmost For His Highest.” It’s a devotional by Oswald Chambers. It’s deep and gives me a lot to ponder.

Last night I read about the verse: If you want to be my disciple you must hate everyone else by comparison-your father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters-yes, even your own life. Otherwise you cannot be my disciple.

Oswald Chambers interprets this verse that if you want to belong to someone here on earth more than you want to belong to Jesus, then you don’t belong to Him.

However, he also says that your still saved, it just means you miss out on the closeness to Jesus, where he places a stamp on you making you His own. You can still be a good person and be saved, but your relationship with Jesus is different, because you belong to this world.

So if I decide to belong to Jesus, Jesus in turn makes me his own possession and he takes full responsibility for me. All I have to do is stay connected to Him and desire Him to do His work through me. I belong to Him and he works through me to reach whoever he wants to reach. It’s not up to me, because I am His.

I like this idea of being fully His. I don’t have a clue half of the time on how to live this life in a way to glorify Him. If I belong to Him and he is going to take full responsibility of me, I should be able to surrender to His sovereignty and be okay.

My Pearl today is the ability to dive into the depths of God’s Word and know that I can belong to Him. He is my beloved and I am His.


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