August 25 Pearl

August 25

Today was an efficient day at work. I am grateful that I was able to get all my patients taken care of and tucked in tight. I will be off work tomorrow to go help my son move into his dorm at college.

I must seriously be getting old because I’m considering playing bingo with the other college parents tomorrow night. I guess I’m hoping for some good prizes, like free tuition, hah, I don’t think that is going to happen, but I can hope in one hand..

It’s been nice to have our son home for a week. Tomorrow he starts his fall semester and will be there until fall break in October.

It’s most definitely an adjustment and I see so many other parents dealing with the same thing. I wonder why mom’s have a much harder time, than dads, when their kids go off to college?

I’m guessing it’s because our identity is wrapped up in being a mom and when the kids leave we don’t feel as important anymore. We can’t take care of them anymore. I know that care taking is part of who I am.

I think having my son go off to college is going to help me find my identity in the Lord alone and not in being a caretaker.

I do look forward in seeing what the Lord will do in my son’s life and how he will grow and get to live this next chapter of his life. It’s an exciting time and although I know this and even believe it. I still feel empty inside.

It’s crazy how opposite my thoughts and feelings are from one another. I wouldn’t want my son to sit at home and not go to school, but I also am sad that he is leaving.

Strange my brain and heart.

My Pearl today is having a job where I can take care of my people and still have a day off here and there for personal time.


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