August 23 Pearl

August 23

Tonight I rode my bike through the neighborhood. There is something freeing about riding my bike. The smell of fresh grass, dusk is falling, the air is hot, but the breeze is cool as I ride.

It takes me back to my childhood when getting on my bike felt like a caged animal set free. Riding around in a horse and buggy while cars went whizzing by, led to my desire for speed. Not the kind that is a drug, but the kind that moves fast.

Getting on a bike and riding down the road, past the horse and buggies was freedom!

It felt like I was set free and flying in the wind. When I first started riding I couldn’t get enough time riding. I would ride around 30 miles a day and could easily do 50 without noticing I had exercised.

What a joy to get to ride as a young Amish girl who felt stuck in life. Of course I still enjoy riding, but I don’t feel the same freedom as I did when I was a young. But I also don’t feel stuck and helpless like I did when I was young.

It’s strange to think back to those times when I was young. I know it was me that lived my childhood, but it was such a different world. It’s hard to imagine I was really the same person then as I am now.

Now, when I ride my bike I get to ride for the joy of riding not because I’m running from something. It’s nice to think back and realize how far I’ve come from emotional bondage and slavery.

I can always grow more. Sometimes it’s good to look back and realize where you’ve come from. It’s easy to forget when we are with ourselves every day, that we have actually changed at all.

My Pearl today is the joy of riding my bike and remembering how far I’ve come.


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