July 25 Pearl

July 25

Today I am sick and struggled through the day. My throat is dry and feels raw. My head feels full and heavy causing me to feel dizzy and not sure where my head is set in space. I feel like I’m going to topple over at any moment, but I kept smiling and seeing patients and made it through a Monday.

I have a celebration to attend tonight and will go no matter how I feel. My friend is celebrating one year of purity and I am so very proud of her! It’s hard when you have to stand up and say no to a man you care about, but does not want to value purity before marriage.

So tonight we get to celebrate my friend and her strength, courage and tenacity. The Lord has given her the strength to value herself. This gives me deep joy no matter how sick I am.

I made it to the celebration and had a thumping headache, but I was there. Now I have had my cold medicine and am heading to bed so I can work tomorrow.

My Pearl today is that I can work even when I have a cold. I have friends to celebrate with. I have a job I get to get out of bed for. Thank you Jesus help me sleep.


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