July 14 Pearl

July 14

I’m so grateful for my husbands talent as a chef and sandwich artist. He can take a simple club sandwich and turn it into artistry. I’m not an artist with anything, but when he cooks its magical and looks beautiful.

My son is getting ready to go off to college and my husband made him this phenomenal looking sandwich. I know he won’t get this kind of sandwich artistry in college.

I’m also grateful that my husband has decided he likes running. Tonight we went running together in the heat.

I had to walk a few times, but he was able to keep on going and circle back for me. Although I was worn out when I came back, I am really glad he pushed me to go.

Three years ago I could easily run 3 miles, now after four neck surgeries I can’t run a mile without back pain. I also get out of breath rather quickly.

So much has changed over the last couple of years and I do feel like I have aged a lot just due to my health condition.

My Pearl today is the joy of having a husband who pushes me to exercise and a man who is a chef and an artist. It’s a joy to look forward to seeing what my husband will make.


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