July 2 Pearl

July 2

Today was a great full day. Working out and hanging with mom and dad at their garage sale. Their sale was successful.

Tonight we had the privilege of going to church. The sermon gave me a lot to ponder.

The verse that struck me was John 3:30: He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. Meaning Jesus and His desires must become greater than my own selfish desires.

How will this change my life over time? If I have the Lord’s desires instead of just mine I will be motivated to live for others and do what’s important in the big picture of life not just living for what feels good in the moment.

This should change what I value. I can either strive towards my own personal success or think about how I can help others reach their goals.

Living for the Lord will give me a desire to change who I am so I can bring glory to the Lord and not just look good to others. The question is what does the Lord see when he looks at me? He sees every little thing about me inside my heart and mind, which is more important than what others can see.

The topic for the next couple of weeks is a life verse. A verse that makes a difference in your life. I’ve had many different life verses. One that sticks with me is: I can come boldly before the throne of grace to find mercy and grace in my time of need. This is found in Hebrews chapter 4.

This verse has always given me a promise that I can ask the Lord for mercy and grace as I need it every day. God knows I can always use mercy!

My Pearl today is the joy of Gods Word, His promises never fail. We can submit our lives and wills to him and he will help us change every day. I am truly grateful for this hope of changing, for the better, of course.


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