June 19 Pearl

June 19

Today is Father’s Day. We were grateful to get to spend the day with dad and the rest of the family. Now when I talk about dad, I’m actually referring to my father in law. I can’t imagine my life without him. Who would I laugh at and with?

I don’t have a relationship with my biological dad. My in laws have both become very special to me, after knowing them for ten years I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when they are no longer with us. They are both around 70, I can’t help but think how every minute counts with them.

They will be moving to Florida, which we plan to eventually move to, as well. We are hoping the Florida Sun will keep them younger and around longer.

I can’t help but think of my God “My Father” on this special day. Jesus was a personal daddy to me for over seven years when I was going through child like painful memories. He carried me through that time and so I can say from experience there is no one like our Jesus, he is the best dad anyone could have.

I do believe it’s my Father in heaven who has brought my father in law and other people who have filled a special place in my heart and life. I couldn’t be who I am today without all the Father’s in my life.

My son has had the privilege of having my husband in his life for the last ten years. We joke that my husband has taught my son what NOT to do. The important thing my husband has shown my son is how to admit when your wrong and turn to the only one who can change us: Jesus.

What an important example, my husband has been for my son and I expect him to continue to grow and show my son what it means to be a respectful man of God.

My Pearl today is the joy of making memories with our Fathers today. For those who have lost their Fathers, I pray for your hearts, as you grieve and remember all the good times.

Although I have not had the privilege of a relationship with my biological dad, I am blessed beyond measure, what a Pearl!!!


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