June 3 Pearl

June 3

Today was a hard day. Work ended up taking me beyond the usual nine hours to eleven hours. This was a really bad day to work late. I had asked to be off today so I could prepare for tomorrow’s graduation and the open house on Sunday. Not only was my request not granted I needed to work longer today than usual.

To say the least I was frustrated today. Then I had quite a few things I wanted to get done tonight to set up for open house, but I ran out of time.

The tent came and instead of 6 rectangle tables we received round tables. At first they said they could switch it out to rectangle but then the tablecloths were not available.

So after debating on what tablecloths to get I decided it would be better to just get the round tables.

The center pieces I made will look the best on a white tablecloth. So it’s put a little wrench in my plans. Now I have to figure out what tablecloths to use for the tables I’m decorating and the tables for others to eat on.

It’s getting stressful and emotional and I really just want to go away to a land far far away. I think it’s the land of shreck.

Not only did I work eleven hours, I was also on call through the night so I was awaken at 4:00 AM to a call from a patient who was in pain. I was up for an hour and then it was hard to go back to sleep. So it’s really been an extended day. I’m emotionally spent.

I had no desire to write anything tonight, but here I am trying to find a Pearl in the poop. Oh Lord I know there are many pearls.

Help me Lord to focus on the joy of my son’s accomplishments instead of the stress of how I want everything to look.

My Pearl is that my son’s graduating from high school tomorrow and he is salutatorian of his class and is a young man of good character. I don’t know what I’m complaining about..I guess I’m just focused on the little things and I have a certain way I want the open house to look and that is what I want.


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