May 23 Pearl

May 23

Today was a very full day at work. I am paying closer attention to my driving, especially my speed. I don’t desire to get another ticket. Since I drive a lot every day, my risk increases of getting at ticket.

I have thought about the fact that if I lost my license I would not have a job. Since my job requires me to drive at least 50 miles per day, my drivers license if vital. So it’s time to pay attention to my speed and slow down.

I’m kind of grateful I got a ticket because it caused me to ponder my driving habits.

Tonight was another exciting night at the school. It was senior awards night. The first 30 min was great and then I guess I suffer from ADHD? My attention span is so short.

My son was honored as the top athletic scholar. He also was top student for chemistry, Spanish and calculus all subjects that are way beyond me.

Of course I enjoyed seeing my son and his friends get awards. I do think my problem is that too much joy overstimulates me and I feel like I have to shut down and turn my brain off because it’s too much good at one time?

I don’t know if that is the correct way to explain it, but either way I get overstimulated by all the emotion of the night. I will probably be overstimulated by graduation and open house.

Lord help my brain to take in a Wheelbarrow of joy without being overwhelmed.

My Pearl is that I get a chance to be overwhelmed. I have a son, a family and a job that sometimes get overwhelming.


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