May 11 Pearl

May 11

Today was a very busy day at work. I have a full load of patients so it’s been a challenge to keep up.

I have learned to call my patients on a regular basis to stay in touch. It’s an efficient way to take care of them. I can call them while I am driving.

Just like you keep in touch with your friends by calling them on a regular basis, I feel that I build a deeper relationship with my patients as I relate with them a couple of times a week.

Checking in and asking questions about a specific topic we discussed during my visit with them, opens up the conversation and let’s them know I’m listening to them.

One thing I really like about working with hospice is that we are there to walk with the family through whatever they are experiencing. We get to be like a good support hose or a girdle. Holding them up as they walk through the flood of emotions they experience.

My Pearl today is that I am learning how to balance a full patient load and enjoying the challenge. I’m grateful that the Lord has given me the ability to support those who are grieving.


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