May 4 Pearl

May 4

Today was an eventful day. My first patient was at an assisted living facility. In order to get in you need a code and in order to get out you need a code. I can understand why this is necessary to keep the patients from escaping and getting lost. However, it’s a little strange when you’re a visitor and you can’t get out.

My next patient was pleasantly confused and she smiled at me and leaned towards me like a six month old and I snuggled her head under my chin for a little while. There were a group of ladies sitting in a circle hitting a balloon with a noodle floaty. I joined in while I was there.

Next I saw a patient who has a unique outside pet. As I was sitting with the patient, the family member got up and opened the door, there on the ground was a squirrel on his hind legs begging. He handed the squirrel a cookie and he took it and ran off like a dog.

I inquired about the squirrel and he said, yes there are two that come to the door, this particular one will not eat bread, only cookies. I was amazed. I have never seen a pet squirrel.

Tonight I had a pedicure and a manicure to prepare for my cousins wedding. I do NOT enjoy a manicure. I think I’d rather go to the dentist. In the middle of it, I had this itch on my head and guess what I couldn’t scratch it because my nails were being painted.

Have you ever had an itch and been unable to itch it, oh it gets worse. I twitched and twitched, gritted my teeth and I think I even moaned a bit, but I could not itch it.

The other thing that is hard about a manicure is the position. Sitting with my hands directly in front of me for 30 min is not comfortable. I laid my head down on my arm a couple of times and then sighed really loud.

Oh and then sitting with my hands under the dryer, so frustrating! I felt like a cow that had its head in one of those metal things because they are being milked.

I love how my nails look afterwards, but the process is really too long. There has got to to be a faster way to get nice nails.

So my Pearls today are that I had many different experiences and I was able to get my nails done in spite of the agony of the process. It was a full day. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to enjoy life. Last year I wasn’t sure if I would ever work again. I am grateful every day that I get to work.


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