April 15 Pearl

April 15

I have been watching my son play baseball for at least 13 years. Today I saw a unique and beautiful thing during the game.

A bad call was made at home plate. Our catcher tagged the runner and he should have been called out, but the official called him safe.

Most generally when this happens, the crowd yells all sorts of obscenities and the coach runs out towards the official, pointing his finger in the officials face. Emotions escalate quickly and disrespect enters in, dignity is lost.

However, last night that did not happen. The coach walked out to the home plate umpire, who was still brushing off home plate. He calmly asked him a question, which the crowd could not hear.

The official turned and walked out to the other umpire, who was at second base. The coach had asked the umpire to ask his partner for help. In baseball this is actually the only way a call will be reversed. Asking his partner for help meant he would ask him if he saw the play and agreed with his call?

The crowd was silent and the coach stood on the sidelines while the 2 officials calmly discussed the call.

Within 20 seconds the call was reversed, the batter was out. The crowd cheered.

The beautiful thing here was not just that the opposing team did not score the run, but dignity and respect were intact. I can not recall in all my 13 years seeing this outcome.

The Pearl today is that respect takes less energy than disrespect. It’s honoring, it keeps everyone’s dignity intact. What a beautiful thing to watch.

I wonder how many times we waste our energy on disrespect? The outcome is worse for all involved.


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