March 22 Pearl

March 22 Pearl

Today was another sad day, the terrorist attack again. Evil has become so prevalent, I am not surprised by it anymore. Ever since the World Trade Center was attacked I feel that it’s been one thing after another.

The Bible is clear that people will kill one another. It would appear we are nearing the end times. However, I know my parents thought the same thing when the Internet came into existence.

The World Wide Web was the way we were all going to be under one government. Although there are many different philosophies about what will happen, we do know that evil is become more then norm.

My desire to love Jesus as simply as I can and surrender to him daily as I live in this world. Some, like the Amish, believe we should be separate from the world.

I think we need to live in the world, but have a different scent and aroma about us. I pray I can be Jesus hands and feet to others.

The Pearl today is that our family is safe and saved, so whatever may come tomorrow we will be home together someday.


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