February 23 Pearl

February 23

Today was a good day at work. I did some shopping after work and gave a couple of my books to friends.

One thing that is very different about working 8-5 , M-F, is that I come home and usually find a lot of work to do in the house that I wouldn’t ordinarily have time to do when I come home at 8:30 at night.

I can also do things such as set my glass under the water spout and leave it running..causing the water to overflow and pour out from under the sink.

I looked down under the dishwasher and saw that the carpet was wet. Oh great I thought, I soaked the cabinet under the sink. Sure enough I looked under the sink and found about an inch of water. At the time I was still in my scrubs and talking on the phone to one of my Amish friends who has to call me from a phone booth. So I didn’t want to hang up with her.

I had been unloading and reloading the dishwasher while trying to be quiet so that my friend would be able to hear me instead of all the clanging.

While being efficient I was letting my water run over and making a mess, causing me more work. So while I was still trying to be quiet I was bending over taking everything out from under the sink and soaking up the water, I started to breathe rather heavy from bending down and back up. I didn’t want to make her wonder why I was breathing heavy so I had to tell her what I was doing.

She laughed at me and I said well at least I’m cleaning the cabinet under the sink. I had been telling her about my Pearls. So, there was my Pearl, after making a mess I got to clean and organize the cabinet under the sink, all before 7:00 PM, while still in my scrubs. Glory Hallelujah it’s 7:30 now and I’m ready to go take a shower. The Pearl is that I HAVE a shower.


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