February 6 Pearl

February 6

Today was a hard day at work, not because my assignment was hard, but because I had a severe migraine last night and as a result it felt like a truck had ran over me. My head was spinning and I felt weak and dizzy. I wanted to lay my head down and close my eyes. I kept moving and thank goodness I clicked with my patients and everything just flowed.

Thanks to my husband and our friends from church who were praying for me. I made it through the day.

I had an interesting moment at the end of the day when my patient started talking about praying. He said he has to pray five times a day. I said oh? Who do you pray to? He said to Allah the creator. He said your a Christian aren’t you? I said, why yes I am, how did you know? He looked at me and said I just knew.

I don’t know how he knew, but I think it was as positive thing? We started talking about his faith and how he believes Jesus was the Messiah but he does not believe that he was crucified for our sins. We were interrupted by the doctor, but I am certain we will continue our conversation tomorrow.

As I think about proving to someone else on why I believe what I believe, I’m not sure I can explain it. I have faith and its rooted deep in my heart. I know that I know that Jesus is Lord. I completely believe the Bible, but it only confirms what is in my heart it didn’t give me my faith.

The Pearl today was that I made it through the day without a headache and didn’t have to go home sick.


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