January 29 Pearl

January 29

Have you ever listened to your thoughts. You might be surprised what you hear in your own head. Today I listened and was rather shocked to find some serious arrogance.

I pulled into the Kroger parking lot and I saw a shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot and thought well I could use that cart to help the guys who have to come out and clean up the parking lot. I quickly thought no I don’t want to push the cart the extra 50 feet to Kroger and then also through the store. As if I’m 90 years old, good grief.

Then I thought what if someone from Kroger is watching and I will get a good deeds award for pushing the cart in out of the parking lot. Oh my it’s embarrassing to admit my arrogant thoughts. So I did what ever Godly woman would do I pushed the cart into Kroger and used it. To my disappointment no one gave me a badge of honor or a thank you or anything.

I don’t know if there is a Pearl in this experience? I was able to go get groceries. I had the physical ability to get groceries. My hairdresser who I went to see today is laid up with a foot surgery and can’t walk or drive. So I should be grateful that I can walk and drive. We also had money to buy groceries or at least the credit to do so.

The Pearl is that in spite of my arrogance, the Lord is still working on me and helping me see my issues. I’m so grateful for his Holy Spirit who shows me where I am failing.


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