January 16 Pearl

January 16

I read in my daily reading about Jacob wrestling with God. Jacob wouldn’t let go until he was blessed. This passage is open for different interpretations. I equate it to times I when I was struggling with lies of my past and I couldn’t see the truth. I would lay on the floor claiming God’s promises until he showed me truth. I didn’t give up until I had God’s peace and truth, I didn’t settle for anything less. I have wrestled with the Lord so much that every joint in my body has been yanked out of socket at some point in time.

Trying to change our actions without first changing our heart is like trying to keep the mice out of basement by covering up the cheese with a blanket. You have to get rid of the cheese and then the mice will leave. The same is true in our minds/hearts. We have to believe the truth and be consumed with the Holy Spirit in our hearts and then naturally we will act in a way that is according to Gods Word and have peace in the middle of circumstances that are less than enduring.

The pearls when you wrestle with God and live is that you learn where your strength really comes from and you learn that the source of all truth is the Lord himself and no one else.


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